March 01, 2018

How to cook soft fluffy brown rice

At first I used the ratio 1 cup of rice to 2¼ cups of water. After cooking I let the rice sat for about 15 minutes. But the rice turned out to be a bit hard. (I use an electric cooker.)

Then I tried another method. This time the rice turned out to be soft and fluffy. 

Here is the method:

First you determine the time needed to cook the rice using the above ratio, 1 to 2¼. (Starting from the time you switch on the cooker to the time the button pops up.) 

Say the time taken is 25 minutes.

The next time you cook the rice, use the new ratio 1 cup of rice to 2½ cups of water. Switch on the cooker. After about 25 minutes switch off the cooker and let the rice sit for 15 minutes.

The rice would be soft now. If you feel the rice is not soft enough, the next time you can add a little more water or turn off the cooker a little earlier.

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