November 30, 2005

Bird Flu and Travelling

Will be going to an Asian country for holiday in December.

At first I was a little worried about bird flu. But then I thought:

The present situation (bird flu) may continue as it is for weeks or months. After that if the situation improves and the threat diminishes, then well and good. On the other hand, if the situation gets worse and the epidemic starts with human to human transmission, then you cannot go anywhere for years. So this is not a bad time to travel if you have been planning to do so.

Furthermore, the risk is very low if you are not living in a farm with a lot of fowl.

Nonetheless, precautions should be taken like eating well-cooked poultry and eggs. Personal hygiene should also be taken seriously.

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Victor said...

Have a very pleasant trip, Frannxis. Like what you said, as long as you take the necessary precautions, you need not be unduly worried.

Visiting Shanghai, am I right? (At least that's what your photo seems to show.)I was there around this period last year. It is a very well-developed city and extremely beautiful too, especially at night. You must see it for yourself (if this is not the first time that you are visiting the city). Wait a minute, is that a photo of Hong Kong?

I agree with you totally that the 'fowl' play is threatening to disrupt our travelling patterns the same way that SARS had. This was what MM said recently too.