August 16, 2014

Stars of old Cantonese films (2)

姜中平 vs 黃曼梨

Here are the names of the actors and actresses in the previous post:

1. Hong Seen Lui
2. Miu Kum Fung
3. Suet Lei
4. Cheung Yeng
5. Siu Yin Fei
6. Mui Yee
7. Ng Chor Fan

August 11, 2014

Stars of old Cantonese films

In recent weeks I watched a few old Cantonese films. Here are some of the actors and actresses of the films. Do you know them?

August 02, 2014

If ...

Our lives are filled with many inevitable ifs. For example we tell ourselves “If this has not happened, I would ..... ” or “ If I have done this earlier ..... ”. These sentiments and regrets are parts of our lives.

If we have strong feelings (for example anger, guilt, regret) for a while, it is quite harmless. However, if we dwell on them for weeks , I think such negative feelings are not good for us. We could feel dis-spirited and unhappy or do rash things.

If it is a mistake we have made, then we could try to make remedy and try to ensure such mistake will not happen again. 

One tool you could use when you are upset by such a situation is the proverb 'What is done cannot be undone'. This is a simple tool but also a powerful one. I find it very helpful.

July 21, 2014


司仪 : 李丽珍, 姚洁华

朱碧莲, 东东

彭嘉慧, 姚洁华