June 24, 2015

Recent performances

Kreta Ayer Square

Lee Foundation Theatre (NAFA)

Drama Centre (National Library)


May 18, 2015

Performance at The Serangoon ...

on 10 May 2015 by Chor Wun Yook and her students. 
These photos were supplied by her pupil Choon Lan .......

May 15, 2015

Recent performances

1. Street opera at Ang Mo Kio ..... 煒唐, 陳銘英

2. Street opera at Sin Ming Road ..... 何志成, 郭鳳儀

3. Performance at Chin Swee Road

Dr Lily Neo was there to give flowers to mothers as it was Mothers' Day. She also sang a few songs, including the Cantonese song Shanghai Beach. 

April 28, 2015

Performance at Marine Parade

on 26 April 2015

1李丽, 杨丽莲

2. 江羽翔, 陳佩妝

3. 賴紹榮, 刘贵连

4. I don't know their names. If you do please let me know.

5.  洪杰, 丽琚

6.  , 叶若诗