December 12, 2016

Independence for Hong Kong ?

Recently two young elected lawmakers (similar to our MPs) were kicked out of HK's Legco (HK's parliament) because they foiled up their oath-taking ceremony. Actually they made a big mess out of their stupidity. They also advocate independence for HK.

When they were barred from entering Legco, one of them just rushed in, took out a microphone and proceed to take her oath by herself. It was incomprehensible that an elected lawmaker resorted to such ridiculous and hilarious action. Why not proclaim HK independence as well.

Have these people who advocate independence given serious thought about it?

China will not allow it to happen. No country will recognize HK as a nation and HK cannot defend itself.

If Beijing sends PLA troops down to HK, are these independence-advocates going to protest or fight the soldiers. It is not like throwing dustbins at the police during the Mongkok riot. Are they prepared to sacrifice their lives to defend HK? I doubt it.

I think the best way forward for HK is the 'One Country, two system' path. Make good use of the two systems and get it to go beyond the 50 years.

October 10, 2016

燕雨琵琶演奏会 1997

Yan Yu is a pipa player in a Cantonese opera orchestra. I remember I watched her pipa performance many years ago. So I checked some old files and found the programme.

It was in 1997, 19 years ago, at the Tampines Cultural Centre (Tampines East Community Club). It was an enjoyable concert and I had a good impression of Yan Yu. I couldn't remember much else about the concert.

All along I have been attending Chinese music concerts mostly those by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. I also like solo performances especially those on the string instruments like the erhu and the pipa.

July 29, 2016

Cantonese Opera Festival 2016

At The Drama Centre, from 21 to 24 July 2916

July 15, 2016


These cherries were on offer at a supermarket. I like cherries. Usually I buy those that are packed in a container. I do not quite like those that are in a tray and people can choose one by one. A person picks up one, he doesn't like it and throws it back. Each cherry is touched by dozens of fingers. Some of these fingers have touched many other things before.

I wash the cherries under a tap before eating them. Other fruits like apples sometimes I remove the skin.

June 28, 2016

Leadership renewal

Some of the performers at Kong Chow's 176th anniversary show :
温海馀, 郑艳梅, 王碧云, 黎艳眉, 陆艳芬, 陈福鸿

Last Saturday I watched the Kong Chow Wui Koon 176th anniversary Cantonese opera show. It set me thinking about leadership renewal. Who will take over from Woo Wai Fong (head of Kong Chow's Cantonese opera group) and Joanna Wong (leader of Chinese Theatre Circle). Both of them are in their seventies.

To be an effective leader I think the person must have these qualities:

Have good skills in communication and organization and be able to gain respect and support from others in the groups. They should be competent artists themselves and have good knowledge of Cantonese opera as well as some knowledge of other types of Chinese opera.

Those of you who have an interest in Cantonese opera in Singapore would know that there are many local Cantonese opera groups or troupes. Most of them are small and are based in Community Clubs. I don't know how many members they have. Some of them are not active; they have not performed for two years or more.

CTC and Kong Chow are two established and more active groups, so their leadership renewal is more important as they continue their task of not only promoting Cantonese opera and training new talents but also keeping the local scene alive and bustling.

It is a very difficult task with dwindling audience and aging performers.  

May 06, 2016

Do you know who I am

If you ask people 'Do you know who I am?', it means that you are somebody – someone with some fame or power or authority and probably you are in the news regularly so you expect people to know who you are.

Normally we say ' Do you know me' not 'Do you know who I am'.

For example:

“Do you know me? Why do you keep looking at me?”

“Do you know me? I stay in this block too.”

February 29, 2016

Happy day-dreaming

I rarely buy TOTO. Last week I bought $2 TOTO because of the big prize. As we know the probability of getting the first prize is very very very very very very small. But you could fantasize yourself winning and what you would do with the money.

It is quite enjoyable to think of what you would do with the millions of dollars.

This was what I was dreaming about:

I would give $1 million to each of my brothers and sister. I would reserve $1 million to be donated to charitable organizations. I would set aside $500,000 to support local Cantonese opera groups or foreign troupes coming here to perform. This sum would be used for 3 to 5 years or until the money runs out.

As for myself I would buy a better camera, a few other IT things and some personal items. These won't cost a lot of money.

I have no intention of buying a house, a luxurious car or travelling round the world.

February 05, 2016

Results for 'frannxis'

Have you ever tried searching for 'frannxis'. These are what I get:

 The images:

Some of the results were from my older websites. At that time I am not sure whether there was Blogger or not. I have forgotten my usernames and/or passwords for these older sites, so I couldn't delete them.

If you use another search engine you may get something slightly different.

I went through a few of my older posts. I think many of my views on certain things have not changed. Here is one from an older post:

“Last week one new post65 MP said it was cool to be square. He was commenting on the PAP trying to be hip in order to connect with the younger generation. No need, he said, people support the PAP for what it is – serious and square.

In our relationship with friends, I feel you don’t have to put on an act if you don’t like or enjoy it. Your friends should accept you as yourself.

My friends sometimes say I am not sporting or not sociable when I refuse to join them do certain things. Never mind what they say.”