February 28, 2012

February 25, 2012


Note: In recent days I have a big jump in the number of nonsense emails. Some go to the spam tray and others to the Inbox. In case you have sent me messages or posters and there is no response, probably I have deleted your mail by mistake. Please send again.

February 21, 2012


A saviour for Sunbeam Theatre, so its curtain will rise again ...

February 20, 2012


The curtain falls on Hong Kong's Sunbeam Theatre, a theatre synonymous with Cantonese opera to HK residents.


February 16, 2012

If I were ...

When you read or heard about ordinary people getting large sum of money, like $1 million, from lucky draws or lotteries, you may feel a tinge of envy. It is a normal reaction. Have you ever thought of what you would do with the money if you get a big windfall, say one quarter of a million? I do. It is quite fun.

I would give a sum to each of my siblings.

I would give my good friends an abalone meal at a restaurant. I have actually promised one friend this. I would buy some small gifts for neighbours who have been very helpful.

If it is during the CNY or other festive season, I would give ang pows to people I see regularly, doing their humble jobs keeping my precinct humming, for example HDB cleaners who keep my block and its vicinity clean.

If I go on holiday. probably I would stay in the more expensive hotels.

Charity? I have not thought about this. Please don't think I am not a charitable person. I am already donating a small amount to a charitable organization every month through GIRO. Then when there are letters of appeal for donations that come together with my bills, I sometimes oblige.

I would save at least 50% of the windfall.

Happy daydreaming.

February 12, 2012

Ci Mu Lei

I have a CD which contains an old Cantonese song called A Mother's Tears or Ci Mu Lei (慈母泪) sung by Hong Seen Lui. I have always wondered if there is a movie with the same name and starring the same artiste. Recently I did a search and found that there is such a movie.

It is a 1953 production starring Hong Seen Lui and Cheung Yeng. Anyone of you seen this movie?

I remember watching movies with such a theme when I was young - a mother's love for her children. She did whatever was good for her children including sacrificing her own well-being. Unfortunately, sometimes she overdid it and spoiled her children instead.

February 08, 2012

walking in and out safely

Time flies. Chinese New Year came ... and the celebrations have just ended. Before CNY, I reminded myself not to overeat. However, I still overate on a few days ... but not too much.

I noticed this little red paper taped outside a flat in my block. The words on the paper means walking in and out safely. Nowadays I think not many households do this. When I was a child, we lived in a wooden house with a zinc roof in a kampong. We used to stick these red papers with auspicious words at certain places.

I have Singaporean traits too. One of them - I like free gifts and special offers. However, I will give a miss to those that require you to queue up for hours, wake up early in the morning or collect coupons.

February 04, 2012

unSingaporean traits

I am not kiasu (afraid of losing/losing out).

I don't go out of the way to eateries just to try out their famous dishes.

I won't join long queues at popular food stalls or popular 4D betting outlets.

I don't mind doing night shift if my job requires it.

I have no objection if there is a need to build a care centre for the elderly or a dormitory for foreign workers near my block.

I am not a picky shopper.

I like to use complete sentences.

I rarely wait until the last minute to do what needs to be done.