May 24, 2008

Road quiz

See if you recognize the road in this video. There are two prominent landmarks. Some objects might also give you some hints. There was not much traffic because it was a blazing humid Sunday afternoon.

Friends in other countries, if you have visited my country you might have come to this road before.

May 22, 2008

Fund Raising Cantonese Opera Show

Here is a message from Allan. The poster is also sent by him.

Dear All

Please refer to poster attached. The Cantonese Opera will held at Kreta Ayer Peoples Theatre on 3rd June a 7:00 pm. The total collection inclusive of donations, tickets selling, sponsors will be donated ONE HUNDRED PERCENT to these two countries to help the victims. As for some who are not familiarized with the Cantonese Opera, I can say they are amount the top local talents, some are even professional and teachers in the Opera Circle.

Please help the victims by buying tickets for the performance or by means of contribution. Please cross your cheque and address to Singapore Red Cross Society. Please write your name, address, I/C numbers clearly at the reverse side of the cheque.

Don't miss out being kind as one good gesture will make you a happier and healthier person.

Thank You.

Best Regards
Allan Woo.

May 21, 2008


Talking about the school discipline master... Although he punishes pupils, he is also one of the most respected teachers in many secondary schools.

There was one DM who was quite a joker. One day a lady teacher who got her driving license not long ago was driving her new car cautiously at a very slow speed into the driveway in the school compound. Pupils had gathered in the field on one side of the driveway waiting for the flag-raising ceremony which would start in about 5 minutes.

The DM was crossing the driveway. When he saw the car approaching him, he pretended to be very alarmed and quickly jumped out of the way. Hahaha, as if he was so scared of new female drivers.

He was very comical. Everyone was giggling or grinning away.

Notice: I was informed that some cantonese opera artists are organizing a show to raise fund in aid of the earthquake victims in China - on 3 June 2008 at the Kreta Ayer People's Theatre. Anyone with more information, please post it at the comments.

May 19, 2008

Miscellaneous thoughts

A man was fined $1000 for feeding monkeys. Originally it was $4000 but it was reduced on appeal. I don't think $1000 is too harsh.

A school discipline master used to say 'education and punishment are complementary'. He means you can teach and counsel students but must punish them too.

Similar we can educate and advise people, tell them not to drink drive, not to breed mosquitoes, not to feed monkeys, etc. After that action must also be taken.

I don't believe in just educating and counselling.

What I think of .....

Off-day for maids - Give them at least an off-day every fortnight.

Escape of JI man - No need for DPM Wong to step down.

One more thing,
Heard of this argument "If 18 is old (or mature or whatever) enough to do NS, they should be allowed to vote or do this or that." ?

I don't quite agree with this logic. Anyone wants to convince me?

If the age for NS call-up were 16 and not 18, then I suppose we can't use this argument. I think 16-year-olds are also 'old enough' to be trained to use weapons and defend the country and fight in a war.

So, it doesn't mean just because you do NS you could do this or that.

May 13, 2008

Dirty jobs

Recently there was a report about old people cleaning toilets. I feel it is ok if the people themselves want to work and do not mind.

I remember quite long ago there was a Use Your Hands Campaign. It was was started because people did not want to do jobs that dirtied their hands. As with many campaigns it had to start with the young and schools had to take the lead.

So schools had their own campaigns in which students cleaned up their classrooms at the end of every term and in some schools, classes were scheduled to clean toilets and pick up litter in the school compound.

Today the situation is very much the same. People are still reluctant to dirty their hands.

And in the news today - it is difficult to get bus drivers. It won't dirty your hands but it is long tiring work and includes shift duties. It was reported our bus companies are short of 200 drivers and of the hired drivers, only about 25% are Singapore citizens. I think they will have to hire more foreigners.

May 12, 2008

Free money

The day after Labour Day I was walking along some shops when I saw a long queue snaking out from an OCBC Bank into the hot sun outside. Unusual. Why so many people? I asked the bank girl on duty outside. She said they came to withdraw the bonus the Government had given out.

I see. But why couldn't wait a few days. Then no need to wait so long. Or maybe they needed the money desperately.

When the Government first gave out free money about 2 years ago, I remember reading a blog post in which the writer said he was not happy with the way the money was given out because some people he knew got more than he did and he felt they did not deserve it.

I think he would rather the Government not give out money or just give to those who really need it and not to everyone.

This man has a wife and kids, lives in a private house and drives a car. So we can assume he was quite well-to-do and happy with his life and then the Government gave out money and made him unhappy.

May 08, 2008


Once my car seat belt got stuck. Fortunately I was not in a hurry. After a while and some struggling with the belt, I won and it let go. Later I thought about it. What if the car burst into flame? Not a comfortable way to die.

So I keep a pair of scissor in the car. A small one, about the length of your palm.
Anyway, a scissor has many uses.

A friend of mine keeps a long screwdriver under the driver's seat of his car. He said it is to defend himself against robbers. As if he always encounters robbers. A screwdriver is a car tool, so it is ok to carry it around, he claimed.

Another friend, an NPCC officer, put his peak cap on the dashboard of his car. He said it was a deterrent against theft. No one would want to steal a police officer's car, he reasoned.
As if a lot of people want to steal his old car.

May 06, 2008

Money not enough

The other day, at a supermarket.......

A cute little girl took an ice-cream from the small freezer near the exit. After that she toddled to the cashier at the counter nearby, raised her little hand and offered the cashier a one-dollar coin.

"Not enough. One thirty," the amused cashier said in English.
The little girl did not seem to understand.

1 30, the cashier repeated, 1 30.
Still the little one shook her head.

At this instance,
a kind uncle who was delivering goods to the supermarket went to the girl, squatted down and explained to her. Whether she understood or not I don't know. In the end she toddled away, haha, probably going to look for her ice-cream at another shop.

May 02, 2008


In the news today, there was a report about a teacher with the surname Ding. It reminded me of a teacher with quite a rare surname, Dieu (pronounced dew). I don't know what it is in Chinese or what his native dialect is.

One day Mr Dieu was walking along the corridor beside some classrooms where lessons were going on. Those were the old type of classrooms with open doors and windows. Suddenly the senior assistant came out of his office and shouted after him, "Dieu! Mr Dieu!" I think the SA wanted to talk to him.

It was quite funny. Dieu is an offensive word in cantonese.