June 30, 2009

Performance at Jubilee Theatre

on 27 June 2009. The performers ...

王金英, 钟慧玲, 周汶姿 (Frances, Mandy and Sabrina)

The two opera excerpts were performed by Francis Wong, Mandy Chung and Sabrina Chow. They did very well.

Frances and Mandy performed
俏潘安. Watching Mandy perform you see some resemblance of Mui Suet See (a well-known Hong Kong huadan). Mandy is a super fan of Mui.

Sabrina performed the excerpt 鬼怨 which is from the opera 再世紅梅記

鬼怨 A ghost's grievances
Previously I have shown you a clip performed by Keng Har. This clip is performed by Jeong Mun Tuin, the version used by Sabrina.

June 28, 2009


Still thinking of holidays. See the pictures below. They show well-known landmarks in two countries. Even if you have not been there before, you could have read about them in some brochures. Do you know where you can see them?

stone statue
of goats

beach with mermaid statue

Picture 1: I made a mistake. The animals are not goats. They are rams.
The five-ram stone statue is at Yuexiu Park in Guangzhou, China.

Picture 2: It is the Samila Beach in Songkhla, South Thailand.

June 26, 2009


Just thinking of my Australia holidays years ago. I have only been to Sydney and The Gold Coast. I think I mentioned before that I like the sea. So I like Gold Coast. From our hotel room we could see the sea. My friend said it was the Pacific Ocean. Walking along the beach was very relaxing and there were many souvenir shops. The shops were manned by elderly people. I won't mind going to Gold Coast again.

This picture shows the roller coaster which we tried. It is called The Corkscrew and I think you know why it has this name. It was very thrilling. The only other roller coaster I tried was at Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

June 24, 2009

War drums

Cantonese operatic song
雷鳴金鼓戰笳聲 - 黄伟坤, 汪明荃

June 22, 2009


A few days ago I took a taxi home from Simei as I was in a bit of a hurry. It was five something in the evening. The taxi fare alone was $8 but I had to pay $10.80, that means the surcharges amounted to more than 30%.
It was a bit unexpected.

I understand that you need to pay taxi-drivers to wait at certain places, to go to certain places and to pay them more to drive at certain times to balance supply and demand. If you take taxis regularly maybe you can remember all the charges.

I was thinking of going on an oversea trip. It was just a thought, not a strong desire. Then I decided against it because of this H1N1 flu. When you are abroad on holiday you would most likely go sightseeing, shopping, eating, and you would be taking trains and buses, walking the streets ... which would mean a lot of time you are at places with a lot of people. So the risk of getting the flu gets higher.

Except for the three most recent posts I don't check for comments at the older posts. I was checking for one of my posts about Hong Kong food and I found there is a comment I don't remember seeing before. But I don't understand what it wanted to say. If you are interested, here it is: http://frannxis.blogspot.com/2005/12/fish-porridge-and-wanton-mee.html

June 08, 2009

Rendezvous with a Ghost

再世紅梅記 之 幽魂路上 - 姚志強, 琼霞

Note: Frannxis is on leave. There will be no new posts for about 2 weeks.

June 06, 2009

girl, cock, calligrapher, nannies

These photos are not copied from other sites. I took them some time ago.

This is the pretty girl you saw doing exercise in the video below.

Man with a big cock

Handicapped calligrapher

for hire

June 04, 2009

Wash hands

In recent weeks I have been washing my hands more often. I also wash my hands before I use my fingers to pick up food to put into my mouth. And I have stopped using my fingers to scratch itchy eyes. So you see, the H1N1 flu outbreak has positive outcome too. If more people are starting to practice good personal hygiene, then our nation will be healthier and stronger. Of course Singaporeans should also exercise like what the people in the clip below were doing.

Pretty girl doing exercise in the Park
The pretty girl appears in the second half.

June 02, 2009

No need to worry

I had a post saying that making a speech is a nerve-wracking experience for me. I am referring to standing in front of an audience and speaking for 10 minutes or more. I remember reading a passage, I think in a Readers' Digest, about overcoming your fear when giving a speech.

Something like this ....

Of the people in the hall, say 800, probably only half were paying attention to you. The other half had their mind elsewhere. Of the half paying attention to you, probably only half noticed that you were nervous. Of these probably half couldn't care less. And probably half of those ...... and so on. Finally only a few remained and they would forget about it the next day. So what is there to worry about.

Helpful or not?

I think you can apply this psychology if you are speaking to students who are there because it is compulsory and not because they want to come to listen to you.

It is a consoling passage meant to comfort those with public-speaking fear.

I have a suggestion to reduce the fear - Do it more often.

I was about to walk up the stairs to Kreta Ayer People's Theatre and saw this foreign worker sleeping in this queer posture. Poor man, his lunch, the tiring job and the oppressive afternoon heat must have made him so drowsy.