March 25, 2013

粵韻傳情 行善积德

It was a two-night cantonese opera performance to raise fund for the Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic. The performers were from the Guangdong Cantonese Opera First Troupe with over 60 members (including musicians, make-up and dressing artistes and other backstage helpers).
There were also guest artistes Ngai Wai Ying, Lai Chun Sing and Soh Choon Mui.

I watched only the show on the first night. I have not seen Soh Choon Mui for a long time. She performed an excerpt with Lum Kar Boh. I had no chance to take photos, so I just show you some pages from the souvenir magazine.

The programmes

The leader of the orchestra

The performers

Two of the excerpts

The compere (right) is a programme presenter at a China television station. The other artiste is Jeong Mun Tuin.

March 14, 2013

multi-racial 六國大封相

Street opera at Whampoa


The third character from the left is an Indian. The characters here do not have to say anything; they also do not have much to do.

The Indian and the Malay man in blue also performed the acrobatic parts. They had to do somersaults and lead the 'horses'.

The lead Sheng and Dan 譚穎論, 紫伶秋

March 07, 2013

words can heal

When I was in Pre-U, once I asked my Maths teacher how I fared in the Applied Maths paper in the exams. He said ' Don't worry. You have done well '. These were reassuring words; they put me at ease. 

Years ago I got some rashes on my body and I went to see the doctor. After some examination and questions, he said, 'Not to worry. Nothing serious.'. Again, just a few words but they were comforting. I could almost feel the healing has started.

However, words can also hurt us whether the person saying them is intentional or not. We cannot control what people say. We also cannot control our emotions but I believe we can learn to manage our emotions so as to let the good ones flourish and the bad ones dissipate.