August 04, 2015

学到老 Lifelong learning

If you are young or not so young and still working, probably you will need to acquire new skills and new knowledge by attending courses and workshops. If you are retired you can also do that. But in this case the courses and workshops are those that interest you and not for the sake of earning money.

However, life-long learning does not only mean you must go back to the classroom to attend lessons. You are learning if you want to know more about something and you take the effort to read more about it. Or if you ask a friend to teach you how to use Bluetooth in your phone.

So most of retired people are actually learning all the while.

There might be a few retired people, especially those older and less-educated ones, who are pessimistic. They feel that there is no point for them to learn; so they show no interest in learning anything new.

If you have friends who are like this, I think it is no use nagging them about life-long learning or telling them examples like Lee Kuan Yew. It is better to get them interested in something and then help them from there.  

Lifelong learning courses for seniors: