December 16, 2014


冯明坚, 邝素娥

杜珈仪, 李瑞霞

李米雪, 賴紹榮

陈月华, 黃月嫦, 谢月馨, 陈文娟


December 09, 2014

Cantonese songs concert @ Ulu Pandan

Ulu Pandan Community Club

The theatre at Ulu Pandan Community Club is at level 5. It is a pleasant place with cushioned seats and carpeted floor. It has about 300 seats. The rows of seats slope upwards. Whichever seat you occupy, your view of the stage is not obstructed by the heads in front of you.That afternoon the theatre was about 90% full.

The concert started at 1pm. There was no compere to do any introduction. Chor Wun Yook made a brief address after the first item and after the last item. She sang five songs altogether. The performers came out to present their songs according to the schedule. There were two intervals, one after the third song and the other after the seventh song. During the intervals coffee and biscuits were served.

Interval .....

There were about 100 gifts for the spectators. Since there were many more spectators than the gifts, the organizers had to draw lots to see who would get the gifts. This was done during the intervals and at the end of the show. The gift was a small stainless steel vacuum flask. At the end of the show there was also a lucky draw with three second prizes and three first prizes.

Drawing lots during interval .....

Claiming their gifts during interval .....

The show lasted longer than other Cantonese opera songs concerts I have attended. There were ten songs some of which were about 30 minutes long. The show ended at about 6.25pm. If there were a compere making introductions before every item I think it would end 20 to 30 minutes later.

Chor Wun Yook singing with two of her favourite students .....


楚云玉, 如峰

梁智恒, He sang the female role .....