August 25, 2010

minding our own business

Some time ago there was an article saying that many people here like to whine in social networking sites and blogs but they don’t do anything.

I think people whine at those sites because their friends and followers will support them and some will whine about similar experiences. It gives them some satisfaction. They are happy because they feel they have done something. If they actually do something, it might make them unhappy.

What would happen to you if you tell a burly man to pick up the litter he has thrown or you tell a sullen hawker off for his rudeness?

The best you can hope for is they apologize. More likely, you get nasty stares or scolded with obscenities in front of many people. Worst, you get a black eye or some hot soup splashed on your pants. Then you have to take further action.

This could a reason why people don’t do something. However, if someone takes the lead and does something, I think others would support him.

I guess some other whiners are not really serious about what they whine about. Those who are serious probably would have contacted the authorities or even visited a police station to tell them of their concerns.

“A branch of the tree on the road outside my house is going to fall. How come no body doing anything?”

“Why the police don’t take action against this?”

"Why is there no street lights here?"

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August 22, 2010


再折長亭柳 - 陳玲玉

August 19, 2010

李大傻讲古 - 八仙過海

Li Dai Sor (Big Fool Lee) telling the story of The 8 Immortals crossing the sea.

August 17, 2010

weightlifting - YOG

In recent days I was watching some of the live coverage of the first Youth Olympic Games held in our Country. It was entertaining.

Today I watched the woman's weighting. I know little about the sport except that the more weight you lift, the better you are. But it was interesting to see the participants from all over the globe. They came in various shape and size, colour and costume.

There were actions and emotions, determination and concentration and today there was also some drama. A young woman, unsuccessful in her third attempt at lifting a weight, was so devastated that she just fell backwards onto the floor and sobbed.

All of women have muscular arms and you could see their biceps quivering when they held up the weights. Many of them gave a loud scream or shout before they lifted the weights.
I wonder why.

The gold medalist is Deng Wei from China. I heard it is an Olympic record.

August 15, 2010

doing our best

When shortcomings of our society are in the spotlight or when certain unfortunate things happen, some people blame it on our system. They say Singaporeans are too pressurized to succeed, and we are afraid of failure.

Actually our forefathers were also like that. They came here with the aim of doing well and so they worked very hard. They were afraid of failing because failure meant they had no money to send to their families back home or bring them to Singapore. They also had no face to return to their villages.

So working hard and doing our best have always been part of us. Probably because of this, at times we came up top in this or first in that. I don't think this means we are scared to lose or that we are trying to show off.

I believe there are plenty of Singaporeans who do not crave for great wealth or status and they lead a well-balanced life . But they still work hard and do their best in order for their families to have a good life.

Productivity is not new either. I think it was the 80s; at a meeting, a boss told his staff in light-hearted tone ‘Be prepared for the onslaught of the twin PsProductivity And Progress.’

August 12, 2010

1000 vs 1

There was a scientist who said something like this: A thousand experiments cannot prove me right, but a single experiment could prove me wrong.

I think you all know what it means. One experiment could undo all the effort and time he has put in to try to prove something.

Sometimes it is like that in our life. In your work, for example, you may have put in a lot of effort and commitment but it doesn’t mean you will get a promotion. On the other hand, if you make a mistake, it could cost you your bonus or increment.

Or if you are holding public office - when things go smoothly, the hard work you have done throughout the years is seldom appreciated by the public. However, if an unpleasant thing happens people want to chop off your head.

Actually I was thinking of the National Day Parade. It requires tremendous effort and massive organization. But this also cannot prevent freak accidents from happening which could mar the Show. You could almost hear the organizers heave a huge sign of relief when it was over, Thank God.

August 10, 2010

Sum Sum

Sum Sum is a Hong Kong singer. I don't know much about her but I don't think she did opera. I think her peak years were the 70s or 80s. I have 2 of her songs at YouTube. Here are some of the comments by her fans. The first 3 are by the same person. You can see how passionate he/she is about his/her idol. Many older folks are very loyal to their idols. They support them for decades.

(1a) I love Sum Sum"s consisting attitude of faithfully to the original theme of the cantonese song. I love her quality, her enthusiasm, her conservative and characteristic consistence.IShe's my dream woman,I love her timeless. I am glad at this time we both are living, breathing, thinking,learn to knowing and enjoying the gift of life.

(1b) Sum Sum contributed her valuable sensational voice to this performing. This might be the classic cantonese love song. Many female singer had did their version,but none of it is to be compared to Sum Sum's version.She did concerns,sang perfectly to release the complicated feminine feelings.Anxiety with cares, worry with hopes,honour and cherish,sorrow,warm and emotional leaning. She did it so good, easily catch your heart and melt your soul, The romance is always there.

(1c) This is a very pleasant and elegant vedio, Sum Sum must be in a good mood, she was singing comfortably, cheerfully and happily. She is infinitely beautiful. She expressed the extraodinary charmings , tender emotions and temptation of femininity. Especially at 2.50 even miss Jing Ting was"' tooken " .at this climax . I always think of Sum Sum, I love her forever. 2010 july p.s. In this video, you can almost heard Sum Sum saying: This is me--------SUM SUM

2. Those in their 50s should remember how beautiful SUM SUM was in the early 1970s.

3. Sum Sum: one of the most beautiful and loveliest singers. I was in love with her.

4. Sum Sum has a very soft and sweet voice. She is singing gracefully!

5. A beautiful song sung by a beautiful singer. Sum Sum is ageless.  Can you please include the lyrics so I can sing along?

August 07, 2010

san wang wu ti and beer

Only recently then I know this Taoist sect 'Three King Five Emperor' has a website :

But there is nothing about opera; it is about its religious activities.

Recently I tried this beer. At first I thought it is a pale black colour but it is like other beers - yellowish gold colour. If you are interested in beer, here is a beer blog:

Did you notice people have been using my announcement box at the right column to announce their websites and products. I have not visited any of them.

August 05, 2010


The FAIRPRICE supermarket near my house has recently started to operate 24h, so it needs more employees. I was there a few times after midnight and the only cashiers on duty were two young women from China. I asked one of them. She said she didn't mind the night shift.

I also noticed two other new employees who don't look local - one young Indian woman and another Asian woman. Later I found out that the Indian was a foreigner who married a Singaporean and the Asian woman is a Vietnamese whose husband is a Singaporean. Both of them are SC now.

I thought Singapore men marry foreign women to keep them at home to be housewives?

Occasionally the pubic read in the papers stories of badly-behaved pupils. In reality such incidents are not uncommon. Pity teachers who have to face rude and unmotivated pupils every day, year after year.

If you ask the discipline masters of secondary schools whether caning of pupils should be abolished, I think most will say no. Not that they like to cane pupils but they want it to be an option. It is a deterrent. Actually schools very rarely do that and if they do, it is done most reluctantly.

Counselling? For some pupils, counselling alone doesn't work. 'Some pupils know what counsellors want and put up a show for them. There are pupils who only listen to the cane.
' one DM said.

August 03, 2010

Chinese opera shows 2

Wong Wai Kuan and Leong So Mui during a rehearsal ...

I watch quite a lot of Chinese opera shows, foreign and local. If you are performing, you may leave a note in the box at the right column.

Below is the list of Chinese Operas I attended in the second quarter (April to June). Blue indicates non-Cantonese shows.

NoDateVenue Show Troupe/Performers
0130-04-10Victoria Theatre Painted Skin/Others COI & Potong Pasir Yue Opera Group
0202-05-10Lee Foundation TheatreCantonese Opera Extravaganza CTC & Kreta Ayer CC Opera Group
0322-05-10Marine Parade CCCantonese opera excerpts/songsMarine Parade CC Opera Group
0423-05-10Marine Parade CCCantonese opera excerpts/songsMarine Parade CC Opera Group
1219-06-10Kreta Ayer CCexcerpts/songsChan Mei Yin, KACC Opera Group
1320-06-10Lee Foundation Theatreexcerpts/songsCTC, KACC Opera Group
1426-06-10KAPT宋皇告狀Woo Wai Fong and Kong Chow Opera Group
1527-06-10Kampong Glam CC紅豆传情会知音Kampong Glam CC Opera Group

August 01, 2010

recurring decimals

The 220kg fish cost $6000.
$6000 divided by 220 kg = $27.2727.......... per kg

It is a recurring decimal; that means the digits 2 and 7 repeat themselves indefinitely.

Do you remember how to change recurring decimals to fractions?
I think you learned this in sec 1 or 2.

If you have forgotten, here is a method .....:

Convert the recurring decimal 0.2727272727....... to fraction

let A = 0.2727272727.....
then, 100A = 27.2727272727.....

100A - A = 27.2727272727..... - 0.2727272727.....

or 99A = 27
(all the decimals behind subtract off )

therefore, A = 27 upon 99
that is A = 3/11.

Doing Maths is a good way to keep your mind active.