February 21, 2011

horror stuff

This is what Corpse Mania is about .....

A man liked to have sex with the corpses of women. He was caught, sent to a mental hospital and was later released. Then cases of sex-with-corpses resurfaced and people thought they were committed by the same man.

I mentioned the girl in Hell has no boundary died a horrific death. This is what happened .....

It was a town in China. Japan had invaded China. The girl's family was very poor and her mother sold her to a woman who later sold her to a man for a big profit. The man had a sinister motive. He man wanted to leave the town with his valuables. But the Japanese guards would search people at the gate and confiscate their valuables.

The man did a heinous thing. He used a pillow to suffocate the girl and cut open her body. Then he removed her inside and hid his valuables in her body. He managed to leave the town. He went to a deserted area, took out his valuables from the girl's body and left the body lying on the ground.

A stall owner selling meat soup found the body, chopped it up and used it to make his meat soup.

February 18, 2011

horrible, mania

horrible, horrid and horrific

While writing the previous post I was thinking of the above three words.

Is there any difference?
I looked up the dictionary.

Horrible and Horrid - extremely bad, unpleasant or rude. It seems that in a sentence you can replace one word with the other without affecting its meaning.

Horrific means extremely bad in a way that is frightening or upsetting. For example, his injuries are horrific. I think it gives a stronger feel - worse than horrible.

mania and maniac

A horror story I mentioned in the post below is The Oily Maniac. Maniac can mean a lunatic or it refers to someone who behaves in a stupid or dangerous way. So the Oily Man is dangerous just like a sex maniac or a religious maniac.

There is another Chinese horror show I watched - Corpse Mania. Mania means a strong desire for something or a craze. For example there is football mania during the World Cup season.

Corpse Mania? Doesn't it sound strange - people or a person having a craze for dead bodies?

February 16, 2011

Oily Maniac

I also watched some old Chinese horror shows. I like horror stories but please don't think I am a horrible man.

Here are two shows which have quite unique stories.

Hell has no boundary - A young girl died a horrific death in her previous life. In her present life, the devil possesses her giving her supernatural powers which she uses to seek revenge on those who caused her death in the previous life although these people have also been reborn.

The Oily Maniac - A man learned the spell that could transform himself into a black oily man. To do that he has to immerse his body in oil. As the oily man he has increased body size, great agility and strength. He uses this power to protect others and punish the bullies.

YG has a post on the Oily Man scare in the 50s and 70s - click here

February 12, 2011

horror shows

I have been watching some old English horror shows. A few were quite interesting, but most were just so-so.

Here are three which I find interesting. One is a diabolic story about the demoniacal possession of a young girl, another
is a thriller about a mentally-deranged man, and the third is about a circus of freakish characters. The third is not really a horror show. There is nothing frightening in it.

The possessed girl doing the back spider walk down the stairs.

This is the famous shower stabbing scene in PSYCHO.

Here is a limbless freakish character.

February 08, 2011


I seldom overeat but there are two days which are exceptions when there is plenty of irresistible food - CNY Eve and the Second Day of CNY. There are dishes we rarely eat and many dishes that I like would be there. Here are 2 of them.

This is braised sea cucumber and mushrooms.

This is 'ha look' (in Cantonese) or dry fried big prawns.

My father used to fry excellent ha look. Unfortunately, none of us has his know-how or his skills.

February 06, 2011

Harsh truths

It was many years ago. The rain had stopped. I left the car and hurried across the wet ground of the carpark. I stepped on some bird shit, slipped and fell and dislocated my right knee.

It was one harsh experience learned the hard way. After that I always walk with care on wet surfaces. Till now, I didn't have a second fall.

If I were to have that fall later in age, say 60 plus, probably it would have more serious consequences.

Sometimes we learn from other people's experience. However, experiencing something yourself has a greater impact. It sticks with you.

For example, some drivers don't believe they cannot control the car when they drink, until something unpleasant happens to them. Then it sticks with them.

There are a few other such harsh experiences I had. I think I have already mentioned one or two of them before.

February 02, 2011

恭喜! 恭喜!

This is the same song I put up last year. It is too troublesome to make a new one. All the artistes in the clip are still performing. By the way, do you know how many artistes there are. Some of them have 2 photos, so only count once. I doubt you know all their names.