June 25, 2012


Butterfly Lovers' Concerto is about the love story of a passionate prince who is gifted with the ability to attract butterflies whenever he recites love poems. Later he is forced to become a monk after a coup in the Palace.

I only took a few photos before and after the performance.

June 04, 2012


One morning I was passing a row of shops. A middle-aged man was unlocking the metal shutter and then trying to lift it up. Three young men, probably employees, had also arrived and were waiting to get in. The man, probably their boss or superior, had a little difficulty with the shutter as there seemed to be a little obstruction.

, none of three young men went to help him. Maybe it is something that often happens and they are used to it.

If there were only one employee around, I think he would have helped.

Sometimes a person doesn't want to help because he doesn't want to be seen as if he wants to curry favour with his superior.

In some cases if there are many people but no leader, no one wants to do it.

(Note: There will be no new posts for about 3 weeks.)