December 12, 2016

Independence for Hong Kong ?

Recently two young elected lawmakers (similar to our MPs) were kicked out of HK's Legco (HK's parliament) because they foiled up their oath-taking ceremony. Actually they made a big mess out of their stupidity. They also advocate independence for HK.

When they were barred from entering Legco, one of them just rushed in, took out a microphone and proceed to take her oath by herself. It was incomprehensible that an elected lawmaker resorted to such ridiculous and hilarious action. Why not proclaim HK independence as well.

Have these people who advocate independence given serious thought about it?

China will not allow it to happen. No country will recognize HK as a nation and HK cannot defend itself.

If Beijing sends PLA troops down to HK, are these independence-advocates going to protest or fight the soldiers. It is not like throwing dustbins at the police during the Mongkok riot. Are they prepared to sacrifice their lives to defend HK? I doubt it.

I think the best way forward for HK is the 'One Country, two system' path. Make good use of the two systems and get it to go beyond the 50 years.