April 28, 2015

Performance at Marine Parade

on 26 April 2015

1李丽, 杨丽莲

2. 江羽翔, 陳佩妝

3. 賴紹榮, 刘贵连

4. I don't know their names. If you do please let me know.

5.  洪杰, 丽琚

6.  , 叶若诗

April 13, 2015

Ageing Population

I believe you all know that Singapore's population is aging. According to projection, in 15 years' time for every 5 persons, 1 person is over 65 years old and another 1 person is over 55 years old. Does 15 years seem too far away? Not really and actually the number of old people increases every year.

If you only go to places where only young people congregate, you might not think the aging population is a serious problem. You might not appreciate all that the Government and social groups have been doing to prepare for this demographic change and to alleviate the difficulties faced by the elderly. A lot of programmes and projects are still in progress.

You can also see a lot of elderly folks at Chinese opera shows.

Elderly people in the future will most likely be healthier. However, I think it is good for us to be over-prepared than to be under-prepared.

A country with with a large elderly population will lose much of its dynamism and there will not be enough young people in the workforce. These are complicated problems which the Government will have to manage.

I think most people who come to this blog quite regularly are over 55. If you are below 55, please leave a note in the comments so that I know there are young people coming here.

I would advise all of you, whether old or young, to keep yourselves healthy. Discard your unhealthy lifestyle and habits and also save more money for your retirement. Don't just depend on your CPF.

The Council for Third Age (C3A) is holding a 50plus EXPO 2015 (15 to 17 May 2015 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre). For details, please visit http://www.c3a.org.sg/