June 30, 2007

Plain stars

You see them on stage as prince, princess, warrior, scholar, beauty, dancer, maid, soldier.... Here you see them as you would see them on the street. Pictures taken at Kreta Ayer People's Theatre in June 2007. From top:
1.曾慧 2.歐凱明 3.黄伟坤 4.姚志強 5.郑咏梅 6.赵震宇(男花旦) 7.楊芬 8.洪林富

June 26, 2007


rather busy this week, so no posting...

June 17, 2007

On holiday

Frannxis is on holiday and will not be online for about one week.


16 June 2007, 龍貫天, 南鳳

June 15, 2007


The photos in the last 4 posts were taken with my new camera. Actually I had no intention of buying a camera yet.

About two weeks ago, before the GSS started, I was at a big store to look at some LCD TV. The tv set at home is over 5 years old and has started to give problems. Sometimes the picture goes off with only the sound on. Then you have to switch off, wait for a while and switch on again. If lucky it will be ok; if not you have to try again.

After looking at the tv sets on display I walked to the camera section. "Xian sheng, nin hao", the salesgirl greeted me with a smile. And I had a conversation with her.

She recommended one camera "offer for this week only, got free gifts some more....."

"An ideal camera for holiday, very slim, can take 200 over photos with just one charging; also don't have to worry about shaky hands, got image stabilizer....."

"See, zoom also can....."

"Very popular, only a few left....."

"O, you so lucky, the colour you like, only one left".

Next I found myself going home with a camera. It wasn't even the brand I had in mind. If I had gone shopping for a camera, I would be looking at Sony or Panasonic.

June 14, 2007


A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are six thousands words....

Wong Wai Kuan dresses up as Tang Ming Huang (2nd night)...

Very messy, right?

A young star, Yeong Fen...

Yew Chee Keong as Wong Fei Fu...

June 13, 2007

Opera excerpts night

on 10 June 2007

from left
赵震宇(男花旦), 郑咏梅, 洪海, 黄伟坤, 曾慧, 梁玉城

These are just my personal, non-professional views:

1. The nan huadan (male who performs as female) performed a song and dance Tian Nu San Hua. It was reported that he ventured into cantonese opera only two years ago. I think the reviews over-rated his voice and singing. I feel his voice and singing lacks the feminine flair and softness.

2. Cheng Wing Mui and Hong Hoi performed 3 excerpts. Wing Mui is an experienced artiste, sings well and can still perform difficult martial moves and action despite her age. Hong Hoi is comparatively new and younger. They both played their parts well. But the shows did not appeal.

In the first excerpt the part where the two artistes groped about and fought each other in the darkness was a bit too long and could be boring. The other two shows lack certain factors, I think it was the atmosphere and feelings. A lady behind me said during their third excerpt that they seemed to have 'no mood'.

3. Wong Wai Kuan and Zeng Wai performed 2 excerpts on Zhao Zi Long. I have seen Aw Kai Meng and Pang Zhi Quan as Zhao Zi Long and both did splendidly. Similarly Wai Kuan also did the role well, bringing to life the formidable warrior with his dominating personality.

June 12, 2007


The opera on the second night - a well-known opera about Emperor Tang Ming Huang and the beauty Yang Guifei. Five of the scenes are popular opera excepts by themselves. Beautiful songs and costumes are part of the attractions of this show.

The lead sheng and the lead dan are Wong Wai Kuan and Zeng Wai.

黄伟坤 as
唐明皇, Tang Ming Huang
曾慧 as 楊貴妃, Yang Gui Fei

楊小秋 as 梅妃, Mei Fei

as 歌姬, imperial songstress

June 11, 2007


This was the opera by the Hong Dou Cantonese Opera Troupe on the opening night of its 10-day-performance at the Kreta Ayer People's Theatre.

This is a nice simple story with clear-cut good and bad characters, which is characteristic of most chinese operas. There are no sly scheming characters.

Aw Kai Meng, the lead sheng, is the strong manly type with a matching strong voice. He is particularly suitable for roles like Zhao Zi Long and Wu Song. But Aw Kai Meng is a good actor, he performs well in other roles too.

Zeng Wai was the lead hua dan. Previously I have written quite a lot about her already. So I have nothing much to add except that I am glad she has slimmed down.

This is Aw Kai Meng.....

June 10, 2007

at Kreta Ayer People's Theatre

These people were queuing up to buy tickets for the cantonese opera shows currently on at KAPT. The Q was not long but was moving slowly because opera fans are quite picky.

Some aunties in the Q took quite long to choose their seats, a few discussing with their friends hanging around and one called up her friend to ask if she wanted other seats as the seats they had wanted were not available. Shouldn't this be expected and decided before she queued?

Then got one lady came back and wanted to change seats because she said the seats were 'not good'. Sorry, the ticket girl said, cannot. Right, I say, cannot entertain such things.

Don't be surprised you have to wait for 30 min even if you are no 10 in the Q.

These are some of the 'flower stands' sent by fans and well-wishers. Anyone knows if there is any word for these 'flower stands' or how much one cost.

June 05, 2007

Pasar Theatre (街头看戏乐)

These street shows are part of the Outreach programmes in the Singapore Arts Festival 2007. It was held at the open space in front of the People's Park Food Centre from 2 to 5pm, 2 & 3 June. There were also shows held at other venues.

Inside the make-up tent...

The performers of the first two items, the drummers and percussion group, bore the brunt of the scorching afternoon heat. After 4pm it was slightly better but it was still hot and humid. When the cantonese opera came on I saw the two shengs occasionally soaking up the sweat on the side of their faces. But the dan seemed ok; like she was not affected by the heat and humidity.

The opera was performed by Chan Fook Hong, Chow Chun Hong and Wong Mei Ling. Mei Ling is the leader of the Eunos CC Cantonese Opera Group. This was the first time I saw her do a comic role. I think she did the role well, amusing the crowds with her antics and comical gestures.

Chan Fook Hong and Wong Mei Ling...

This is Mei Ling.....

See this girl with advertising boards on her body. I saw this form of advertising at several places in Hong Kong but you don't often see this here.