April 29, 2011

one father and duck eggs

A conversation, in Chinese, between a young man and a young woman who wanted to know more about each other.

Woman: Your home got what other people?

Man: Only got one father.

Woman: Only one father?

Man: Only one. You got how many fathers?

A man asked his Cantonese friend ...

'Long time no see your father, how is he?'

'He gone to sell salted duck eggs already.'

'Good profit or not?'

'Hee hee, you want to sell salted duck eggs also?'

April 27, 2011

no GST for basics?

Some people say remove GST for essential or basic items to help the poor. I suppose basic items are things like rice, oil, sauces, bread, vegetable, fruits. However, even things like rice and oranges, there are cheap ones and expensive ones.

For example, the superior grade of a brand of soya sauce costs about 2.5 times more than the standard grade.There could be more expensive ones which I don't know of.

Then, healthy salt (contains some minerals but less sodium) costs about 10 times that of ordinary salt.

Poor people buy the cheap ones while people with high income, which includes foreign talents, buy the expensive ones. If you buy the expensive ones, then you cannot be considered poor.

No doubt the poor will pay a little less. However, a lot of tax would be not be collected from the rich.

So I prefer to collect this tax money from the rich to help the poor in other ways.

April 25, 2011

bananas and money

I bought a bunch of small bananas when they were still green. After about five days, only the bananas at the top turned yellow while the bottom ones were still green.

After another five days .... the remainder were still green. Quite unusual, right?

Last week I got unexpected money. First I received a cheque from
MDA - a refund of TV licence fees. Also I got a cheque from INCOME - a bonus or incentive for being a loyal customer. Lastly I got some money from STC - winning from a 4D number.

Not much, but somehow unexpected money like that makes you happy.

April 23, 2011

慈善点唱 (3) - 楚云玉

粵剧义演在人民剧场 - 点唱节目

慈善点唱 (3) - 楚云玉

April 21, 2011

慈善点唱 (2) - 戚超群

粵剧义演在人民剧场 - 点唱节目

慈善点唱 (2) - 戚超群

April 19, 2011

慈善点唱 (1) - 卢眉华

剧义演在人民剧场 - 粵曲点唱节目

With donations from pupils and supporters, there were songs by Wu Wai Fong, Aw Yeong Peng Mun, Chik Chew Kuarn, Ngai Wai Ying, Lou Mee Wah, Chor Wun Yook, Pang Chee Kuen, Ng Yim Hong and Wun Kok Wai. I recorded three of them. Here is the first one:

慈善点唱 (1) - 卢眉华

April 17, 2011


粵剧义演在人民剧场 - 14 April 2011


A classic Cantonese song often used at charity events to raise funds ... You can see some artistes, like Lou Mee Wah, going round to collect donations.

April 15, 2011

they are ....

Answers to who are they?

The first pair are Leong Sau Fong and Gary Kong Yew Cheong (梁秀芳, 龔耀祥). Here is a clearer picture.

The huadan is Chung Lai Yong (鐘麗容). Here she is in opera costume.

The sheng is Choy Mei Wun (蔡美雲). Another picture ...

And here she is in plain clothes ...

April 13, 2011

schooldays nostalgia

When I was in Pre-U, male students wear PAP-style uniform - white shirt and white long pants. I couldn't remember what shoes we wore. In sec 4, I was in a boys' school which allowed only prefects to wear long pants. All others, no matter how tall you were or whether you had hairy legs, wore white shorts.

The principal of my secondary school was very strict. Sometimes we saw him walking along the corridor holding a cane in his hand and we wondered if someone had been caned or someone was going to be caned. Or maybe he was looking for a victim, hoping to catch a boy misbehaving in class.

And in those days, what mattered was not what you liked or what subjects you were good in. It was what the school had to offer. In upper secondary, besides the compulsory subjects, my class studied two science subjects, two technical subjects and two maths subjects - 8 subjects.

Actually I was not interested in the Woodwork (a technical subject) and Chemistry. I was interested in the Maths subjects and Physics.

In Pre-U, my class had GP, Pure Maths, Applied Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Again we had no choice. Otherwise, I would like to take Economics or Statistics instead of Chemistry.

I especially liked Applied Maths. It deals with practical things like forces, momentum, velocity, etc. I find it difficult to memorize facts in Chemistry.

April 10, 2011

who are they ?

This is a quiz for Singapore Cantonese Opera fans. I think it is not hard. Answers will be given in the second post after this.

I was looking through some photos I took at opera shows. A few are not clear (for example, the first photo below) but the blurriness makes them suitable for quizzes. I don't think I have posted these photos before. All are Singapore artistes.

Who are these two?

Who is this huadan?

Who is the sheng?

April 07, 2011

fan luck

The car in the previous post is a Fiat 850 Coupe.

A few days ago, I dismantled a 16-inch table fan in order to wash the casings and the blade. I found that there were cracks on two fins. So I took the blade and went to the electrical shop on the ground floor intending to buy a new blade.

'Don't have the right one' the lady boss said. 'Not one type fits all, you know. The screw rod must be able to go into the hole'

You see, there is a rod with screw thread at the power block and this must be able to go through the opening in the centre of the blade.

'Thanks, I try another shop' I said.

'Buy a new fan better.' she said. 'The blade is not cheap.'

'Never mind' I said. 'I try another shop first.'

Then, yesterday as I walked down the stairs of my block , I saw a discarded fan at the corner of a common corridor. It looked like a 16-inch. So I removed the blade and took it home.

And it fits and it works !! Time and money saved !

Haha, now I will be looking out for a discarded computer monitor.

April 04, 2011


The first car that I drove after getting my driving licence was a Volvo, a big powerful car compared to the Morris Minor I used in my driving lessons. The first car that I had was of the make and model of the car in the picture below. Do you know what car this is.

This is the first expensive pen I bought with my salary after I have started working. Do you know what pen this is?

April 01, 2011

tin pei ling

She might be a candidate in my ward in the coming parliamentary elections. She is young but this doesn't mean she cannot be a good MP. It takes a lot of courage to do what she did. Three cheers for Pei Ling ! Vote for her !