October 31, 2007

Sell what

This shop at Aljunied Road, near Geylang Road, has changed owners several times already, selling different foods each time. Once it was chicken rice, the only one I remember. I think the location is no good.

About a week ago I noticed this new name. Quite a queer name. Yesterday when I passed by and took this picture, it is still not open yet. Just wondering what they are selling this time.
Vietnamese food? Or is it just a kopitiam. Anyone like to make a guess.

October 26, 2007


The Thais will be voting for another government in November. But Thaksin, the former elected prime minister who was thrown out when the military took over, can't even return to Thailand.

In Myanmar, the people can't even vote. UN mediator Gambari will be meeting Myanmar rulers in November. Hope something positive will come out of it. It is a very difficult problem. I don't believe sanctions and isolation are effective. It may cause more suffering to the people.

Below is part of a speech I gave many years ago.
The audience were teenagers. The speech consisted of 12 handwritten foolscap pages but it lasted about 20 mins only and it was torture for me. Before that I was praying for something to happen, like a sudden fire drill, so that I didn't have to talk but God didn't answer my prayer.

I really admired our head - he could just stand on stage without scripts and talk for 30 minutes anytime. But he had no topic, just rojak talk.

This speech is still relevant today. With some updates it can be used again. This part is about the importance of voting. Actually much of the content was copied from an old civics textbook.

The writing was a bit untidy but the scripts were meant only for myself, no need to send to my superior for vetting.

October 25, 2007


2007 年畢業禮,幼稚園學生表演粵劇。Cantonese opera by HK school children.
These two are very conscious of their gestures and poses.

October 24, 2007


A few weeks ago friend Victor, a very public-spirited Singaporean who spares no effort in putting what is wrong right, blogged about the old Empress Hotel in Victoria Street, at the site where the new National Library now sits. He also mentioned about the Empress mooncakes produced by the hotel.

A few days ago I was re-looking at a coffee table book about Hong Kong and I came across this nice old picture advertising Empress mooncakes. So I scanned it and another two pictures to show you all.
There was no mention of Empress mooncakes in the book.

The girl in the picture is supposed to be Chang Er, the lady on the moon.

Cantonese opera fans, surely you recognize the artistes in these two pictures.

October 20, 2007

Next 150 years

It was the association's 150th anniversary. The chairman, a slim sprightly elderly man, went up on stage to say a few words. He stood in the middle with the compere a short distance away.

Part of what he said...
"..... I don't know if I will be here at the next 150 years. ....."
Of course this was said in jest, a self-directed remark which elderly people sometimes say, like 'I don't know if I'll live that long.' It didn't need a response. But the compere said something.

I was just thinking If he asked you that question, as the compere what would you say?

October 19, 2007

Gay petition

An NMP has filed a 1000-signature petition to Parliament on behalf of a group of people. These people want the law against homosexuality to be repealed. I think it is a waste of time.

You see, the review of the Penal Code and gathering of feedbacks have been on for a year or so. I am sure these people have submitted very strong and rational arguments to the review committee. If these cannot convince them, surely they don't expect a petition can change the Government's mind.

I said before and I still believe the Government will repeal the law. It will take time, but no need another 20 years, could even be 5 years. No need for another review. The Government can amend the law and get it through parliament.

I feel if these people push too hard, opposition from the opposite camp will also be strong. They can also get a keep-the -law petition and with more signatures.

And trying to get foreigners to speak for them is not a good idea also. Why not be patient.

new link (see right): Tung On Wui Kun

October 15, 2007

Mundane stuff

It was a routine weekday. I stopped at a pedestrian crossing at Bendemeer Road. People were crossing the road, going about their daily routine - kids, housewives, workers..... Suddenly I thought of taking a picture of them. When I got my hp camera ready, most have already crossed the road. I only managed to capture the last few people. See the contrasting styles of these two last persons, one marching, the other strolling...

Routine is monotonous. But from a positive angle, routine gives people a sense of comfort and security. You know tonight you will be watching your favourite tv programme. Tomorrow your job is still there. People may be quite glad of their routine but once in a while they want to do different things or do things differently or they need some excitement to add zest to their lives.

Some of you may have read the adventures of the great fictitious detective, Sherlock Holmes. He made many deductions and formed many of his theories based on the fact that people have routines and habits. Once he remarked to his trusted assistant, "My dear Watson, human beings are creatures of routine."

The author of these Sherlock Holmes stories is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Notice my new blog header? It got emotions and motion. The 4 artistes represent the 4 popular characters in Chinese opera - hero, beauty, scholar, maiden (英雄美人,才子佳人).

October 14, 2007

Nan Yin clips

I was watching some nan yin clips. Here are two of them.

This one is in Cantonese. Unfortunately you cannot see the front view of the singer.

This one is in Hokkien, performed at Thian Hock Keng Temple.

October 10, 2007

New CD and VCD

A new CD by Leong Siew Meng and Jeong Mun Tuin

Part of an article about the CD

A VCD by Lum Ka Boh, Jeong Mun Tuin and Mak Yeok Ching

October 09, 2007

Street peddlers

This man was peddling some chinese medicinal product at the courtyard in front of the People's Park Complex Food Centre (next to OG departmental store) on Saturday evening.

I remember when I was young this was quite a common sight. Some of these peddlers were dressed in kung-fu attire. To attract attention, they would perform kung-fu feats. Another common show was playing with snakes. Sometimes they also beat the gong to make noise. Many of them displayed certificates, trophies and photos of themselves with celebrities or performing great feats.

Last Saturday, the man did some tricks like making a short piece of rope become stiff. He had a few fake snakes on the ground. I am not sure if he had any live ones. I stayed for about 5 minutes; he was talking about snakes. I didn't wait to see what medicinal product he was selling.

October 03, 2007

Bad guy

I came across this nice picture of an old-movie actor, so scanned it to share with you. He is Sek Kin (石堅).

He was the no.1 super bad guy in old cantonese movies. And the chief opponent of Wong Fei Hong in Wong Fei Hong movies. His looks together with his cunning smile, horrid sneer and sly eyes made him top choice for bad-guy roles. My father said when he walked on the street some people scolded him and even threw things at him. This showed how successful he was in his bad-guy roles.