July 21, 2015

Lessons from bad experiences

A few days ago, I steamed a fish. When it was cooked I used a pair of tongs to take it up from the steamer. Then my attention slipped for a second and the tongs loosened a little and some sauce and ingredients spilled onto the table. It took some effort to clean up the mess. I tell myself to concentrate on what I am doing in my future tasks.

Several years ago I was hurrying home from the car-park. The ground was wet as it had rained. There was some bird shit on the ground. I didn't notice it. I slipped on it and fell. Fortunately nothing serious happened to me. After that accident I am very careful walking on wet surfaces.

So you see, people learn through bad experiences.

We read about the accident along the PIE involving many vehicles. I think it was that the drivers were following the vehicles in front of them too closely. Even if they were attentive, the distance was too short for them to stop without hitting the vehicle in front.

There are a lot of things you have to do and a lot of inconvenience if you are involved in an accident. I'm sure these drivers will learn from the bad experience.

However, there are things we cannot afford to learn through bad experiences. Racial riots for example.

July 09, 2015


I scrapped my car recently and I have decided not to buy another car. A big burden had gone. It was a relief; no more road taxes and insurance, no need to pay car park fees, no need to buy parking coupons or drive around looking for a parking lot, no need to send car for servicing, no need to worry about road congestion, accidents or repairs or fines.

And so much more money to spend on other things.

I believe, for most car owners, the desire to own a car dissipates as one grows older.

In recent months I have been taking more public transport, especially buses, and I am quite happy with it. I would say our public transport network is good and efficient despite minor train break-downs now and then and the big breakdown two days ago.