July 21, 2014


司仪 : 李丽珍, 姚洁华

朱碧莲, 东东

彭嘉慧, 姚洁华



July 13, 2014


Procrastinate means to put off or delay doing things you ought to do. Generally these are unpleasant or hard tasks that you do not like to do. These also include medical appointments.

In recent months I have been procrastinating doing things that need a lot of physical exertion. So I have thought of a way to get things done.

I list all the things that need to be done in a note book (for example clearing my room, mopping the floor), the time needed to do each task (for example 2 hours, 1 day) and when the task must be completed (for example in 1 week's time).

You can treat the list as if it were the emperor's decree that must be carried out. 

Surprisingly, it works. 

I think procrastination also include good and pleasant things. For example postponing an oversea holiday or an expensive dinner to a later date because you want to delay the enjoyment.

July 06, 2014


5 July 2014, Kreta Ayer People's Theatre

July 03, 2014


香港青苗粤剧团 Kreta Ayer People's Theatre

July 01, 2014


香港青苗粤剧团 Kreta Ayer People's Theatre



黃寶萱, 鄭雅琪

藍天佑, 鄭雅琪

黃寶萱, 藍天佑, 郭啟輝, 阮德鏘, 黎耀威, 鄭雅琪