July 30, 2012


草莽英風之會妻 - 陸廷偉, 何美珍 (吳川市粵劇團)

July 27, 2012


More photos at Facebook, Cantonese Opera

from left 陳詩敏, 何美珍, 陸廷偉, 鄭永健


鄭永健 and Yam Ah Mee (Director, People's Association)

何美珍, 陳詩敏

陳詩敏, 何美珍

passionate admirers ...

July 19, 2012

smart soldiers and pretty maids

One good thing about Chinese opera troupes from China is that they have many trained young artistes to do minor or supporting roles like soldiers and maids, Some may have short speaking or singing parts.

They enhance the overall presentation of the show.

It is a joy to watch a line of 6 or 8 soldiers striding smartly out onto the stage with spears held up in their hands or a bevy of palace maids floating gracefully out in quick short steps.

Here are a few maids (except the first one). Note the expressions on their faces and their roving eyes.

靚旦 Pretty dans

July 17, 2012

an Enid Blyton book

I am reading an Enid Blyton book; something I have not done for a very long time, ever since I was in Sec 1 or 2. As you know, Enid Blyton's books are meant for children. Of course that doesn't mean adults cannot read them.

You might wonder how come I read her book now. It is like this .....

I was walking home one afternoon and I saw this stall selling sundry goods at the pavement. There were some old books too, so I went to take a look and there was this Enid Blyton book. Out of nostalgia, I bought the book. It cost 50 cents.

Since I bought it I might as well read it, right?

I did not know it when I was a student; but now I find that her books were written in good correct English, whether it be grammar or tenses or even punctuation. And the children in her stories speak impeccable English too, which I think is not realistic. Maybe British students during her time spoke like that.

Here is the first page. Look at the first sentence. There is a semi-colon (;). I think people seldom use the semi-colon nowadays. I remember the semi-colon means a longer pause than a comma but shorter than a full-stop.

July 14, 2012


Bye-bye and photo-taking



Getting ready ...

One for the album ...

Zhanjiang troupe and members of the KAPTF together with MP Lily Neo ...
Zhanjiang's 4 main huadans are at the front row,
from left - Lum Teng (in green) and Leong Yin Fei
from right - Mok Yin Wun and Mak Mun Kit.
The shengs standing behind are Li Chou Yuen, Leong Siu Meng and Wong Wai Kuan ...

July 12, 2012

趙子龍 - 黄伟坤

趙子龍 - 黄伟坤

July 10, 2012

湛江生旦 Some Zhanjiang artistes

More photos at Facebook Cantonese Opera Page
By the way, the huadan doing make-up in the blog header above is 林婷. I think I have mentioned this before.



梁兆明, 谭兰燕









July 08, 2012

無情寶劍 .....




July 05, 2012