December 29, 2008

Moo moooo moooooooo ...

I was reading some predictions for the Year of the Cow ( I read that next year is the Earth Cow) by some well-known feng shui and astrology masters. Reading them gives you an impression of a gloomy and chaotic world in the coming year - disasters and wars and the US economy getting worse.

May Heaven bless our Country with good fortunes and stability!

I said my camera battery can last very long even in cold weather, but my phone battery was a disappointment. It drained out more than twice as fast than it was in Singapore. And actually the weather was not very cold, I think between 17 to 24 degrees C. Wonder how it will fare in winter in a really cold country.

December 27, 2008

Travel snippets

Harbour view
It was the first time I stayed in a hotel room with a harbour view. Actually I just booked a standard room (harbour-view rooms must pay extra, you see). But I think I checked in a bit too early, so the standard rooms were not ready yet.

After some checking, the receptionist said, Sir, I upgrade you to a harbour view room at no extra cost. It was not a question, just a statement. I didn't mind. I love the sea, so I said OK.

This is the harbour view from my room at the 17th floor. I saw speed boats, a rowing boat, yachts, a barge, ferries, even a junk and a cruiser. Nothing spectacular, but better than.......

this, the backside of another building. So, are you willing to pay more for a harbour-view room?

And there was a market nearby selling live seafood.

No seats
I have been to HK several times but it was only about a year ago then I realized that there were no seats at their bus stops - whether the bus stops are at big streets or small streets. At first I thought it was a bit unusual.

But then I think probably because all along there were no seats and people got used to it and so they think they don't need to sit down at bus stops. Old people also can stand.

Not hygienic
This is a small restaurant. I think the man in white is the chef. See his 'uniform' - dirty and unsightly. I saw a waiter at another eatery. He was also wearing a long white shirt which was crumpled and looked unwashed for days. And the lower part of the shirt was stained with spices and sauces. Quite awful.

I think some of these small eateries are also quite unhygienic in their handling of food.

Again, perhaps the people there are used to all these, so they don't think it is dirty or unhygienic.
Or they don't mind as long as the food is good.

Christmas cheers
I saw these Christmas girls and asked them if I could take their photo. Can, one of them said. After taking the photo, I zoomed in on their faces and showed them the picture.

"Both of you very pretty" I said.
"Hee hee hee hee" they were very happy.
And so were I. Nice to see them happy.

You know, I'm quite happy with this Casio camera (the one that had a fall) - battery can last very long even in cold weather, easy to use, quick response and the pictures usually turn out well even though I anyhow take.

December 06, 2008


Taking a holiday ... also taking a break from blogging. There will be no new posts for about 3 weeks.
So ...

" Merry Christmas, Everyone,
and Happy New Year ! "

And here is a classic song by the renowned Hong Xian Nu - Cai Wen Ji weeps at the grave.

经典名曲 - 蔡文姬哭墳

December 03, 2008

Traffic count

This was taken at an overhead bridge above the stretch of PIE between Aljunied Road and Paya Lebar Road, mid afternoon.

Looks like they were doing traffic count - counting the vehicles using the the PIE.

That reminds me of my first temporary job - as a traffic enumerator for the PWD. (I'm not sure if enumerator is the correct word or not. In case you don't know, PWD stands for Public Works Department.) A group of us just stood at some road junctions for a few hours counting traffic using the roads with hand-held counters. I think it lasted about two or three weeks. We were paid by the hours.

December 01, 2008

This blog

Cantonese opera is a subject of special interest. People who stumble upon this blog will probably skip it or just skim through.

My guess is that more than 50% of my visitors are not Chinese opera fans and only about 30% are Cantonese opera fans. Some may not be fans but it doesn't mean they are completely not interested in Chinese opera.

My videos at YouTube
According to YouTube, most viewers are from HK, Singapore & Canada.

Below are some other statistics from YouTube. But I think these are not very accurate. Because anyone can watch the videos without joining up or signing in as a member. So YouTube won't know your age or if you are M or F.


I have posted this song before but someone has just supplied me the lyric. So I posted it again with the lyric for you to sing along.


又記得壩陵邂逅,初抱小蠻腰。妹你一笑牽情,把孤魂魄召。說不盡 郎憐妾愛,攜手渡藍橋。