August 23, 2008


One night last week there was a religious function at the ground floor of a block nearby. They was a small gathering and there were two or three tables and food. The next morning I saw this rubbish stacked near the rubbish dump.

See the tray of food ... what a waste, isn't it? Quite sinful too. I wonder why couldn't they ask the guests take the food away or keep it for the next day. You know, the first thought that came to my mind - Some people really don't need the Government's help package.

At a supermarket in Marine Parade. Isn't it irresponsible to let a kid, quite a big one here, sit in a trolley. It could cause injuries to himself and others and damages to things if the trolley topples. A young girl was pushing the trolley, could be his sister or maid. How do you think the big kid got into the trolley?

August 18, 2008

Car number

It was a company's annual staff dinner. There was a game in which questions related to the company were asked. Of course got prizes, otherwise who would want to answer, right? The question for the second prize was an easy one ...

'What is the number of Mr Koo's car?' the compere asked, pointing to the beaming Mr Koo, Boss of the company, sitting at the front table.

There were excited voices around the small cosy function room. A sweet young lady was the first to raise her hand.

2163, she said confidently.

Not correct, Miss Huang, the compere said. You have also to say the letters at both ends of the number. Mr Koo would be disappointed if you couldn't identify his car correctly.

It was Miss Huang who was disappointed. She only remembered the S. Another two persons tried but they got the last letter wrong. ... Finally a gentlemen gave the correct answer.

Haha, more than 50 employees but not many knew the complete number of the boss's car.

Hee hee, maybe Miss Huang won't get her bonus.

August 16, 2008


Tell you an interesting coincidence that happened many years ago.

One day I parked my car at a narrow two-way road with parking lots on one side. The car in front of mine was parked in the wrong direction, that means the two cars faced each other head to head. This is nothing unusual. The interesting thing was that our 4-digit numbers were exactly the same.

Now, I think there must be more than a hundred cars with one same numerical number. But how often do you see two such cars at the same time, whether on the road or parked next to each other in the car park. Rarely, right? Because the probability of two such cars to be at the same place at the same time on the same day is very low.

Not the end yet. More exciting things to come.

The following weekend, the God of Fortune came to give me money. Hahaha, you see, my car number was the top prize in the Saturday 4-D draw. Wow! A double coincidence within a few days. I had only placed a $1 bet but I was very happy. It was the only one time I got a first-prize windfall.

So far nothing as dramatic as that happened again.

August 14, 2008


This afternoon I went to an ATM to take out some cash. After the money came out, the transaction slip came out too. I put both into my wallet and left.

At home when I looked at the slip, I got a big shock. I had only $14.76 left in the bank. What happened? I remember I have much more. I thought of people stealing your password and transferring your money away. I was thinking whether to go to the bank right away when I noticed that the account number on the slip looked unfamiliar. I checked my passbook.

The account was not mine. But how come I got that receipt. There was no slip of paper sticking out of the slot before I took out my money. It should belong to the person who came before me. So, likely the person after me would get my slip.

What a scare!

I think this weekend I will invest $2 on 1476. Hee hee ... coincidences do happen, you know.

August 11, 2008

Erratic behaviour

Recently my computer behaving quite erratically:
once or twice the screen went blank, then it said 'no signal' and shut down,

sometimes it takes quite a long time to respond to a click.

Haha, maybe it wants to retire. Anyway, if you see no post for more than a week, it means the computer is on leave.

Another thing: when I use the Windows Movie Maker, this message comes up 'Windows Movie Maker has encountered a problem and needs to close'. Anyone knows how to fix the problem?

August 10, 2008

Penalty for drink driving ...

... in China - suspend license 3 months, fine ¥1500, detain 15 days.

Just came across a blog called Ho Ho Chiak 好好吃. It is about good food in Malaysia; it is in Chinese. If you are interested:

August 06, 2008

Cracked jar

You all know that water expands when it freezes.

Two days ago, I filled this 10cm-tall jar with water (not full). I placed the lid loosely on top so that if the water expands, it can flow out. Then I put it in the freezer. But, you see what happened - the force exerted by the freezing water was so strong it cracked the jar.

The ice still inside ....

As if the jar was sliced into 2 halves by a sharp knife ...

August 05, 2008


西施, 貂蝉, 王昭君, 杨贵妃

August 01, 2008

Horse riding

I mentioned about horse-riding a few days ago. This girl is 余碧玲, a young huadan in the Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe. Her horse-riding is very nice to watch - whether trotting along a country path or galloping in the F1 horse-racing.

Her arms position and wrist action, legs and feet movement, body tilt and motion - give you a very pleasing harmonious feel. I'm not talking about special or very difficult skills, just the act of riding a horse, Chinese opera style, round the stage.