May 21, 2006


This morning I was at a Shop and Save supermarket. I was looking at some fruits when a pretty girl appeared at my side. She offerred me a small packet of mini crackers and said something like 'try'. I thought she asked me to buy so I said 'don't want'.

I think I said too soon. Next moment she said free one. Then I noticed she was carrying a basket with packets of the crackers on one arm. Oh, free I said and took the packet.

Felt quite embarrassed - said don't want; now free, want. Forgot to thank her.

But if I didn't take it she would think I was acting.

Better let her think I'm a greedy Singaporean than a hypocrite.

The word free is very appealing.

May 14, 2006

Cantonese opera Romance of the Red Pear Flower

presented by the Chinese Theatre Circle on 13 May 2006 at the Drama Centre Theatre

This theatre is at level 3 of the National Library. It is a medium-sized theatre, quite a pleasant place. The stage is quite big. I think there are around 650 seats but I feel that the seats at circle 2 which is equivalent to level 5 are not suitable. You would be looking down at the performers at about 45°. Another thing is that there is no aisle down the center of the rows. So if you are sitting in the middle of a row, you will have to squeeze out to the left or right aisle which is about 14 seats either way. There are adequate toilets which are just outside the theatre. They are spacious and clean.

During the show, everything went smoothly. The lightings was appropriate and well-controlled and the sound system went without hitches. Changes of scenes were almost immediate without long pauses. The interval of 15 minutes was just adequate. Background sceneries and props were also well done. It could be seen that a lot of effort was put in. Sceneries of scene 4 were beautiful but it looked rather congested. I took some pictures but unfortunately they turned out blur. (Actually taking photos is not allowed inside the theatre.)

The main characters were performed by Seetho Hoi Siong, Wong Kum Yeng, Christopher Choo, Leong Kam Fai and Ellen Li. They performed well.

I think Scene 4 was the most enjoyable. In this scene the lovebirds met for the first time but the scholar did not know the true identity of the maiden. It was entertaining and funny with melodious songs and fine acting. This was not the first time I saw this excerpt but this was one of the best.

The last scene was also entertaining. And a happy ending that pleased everyone. The poor scholar topped the imperial exams and became a 狀元. He returned as roving ambassador and married the beautiful maiden. The corrupt prime minister was arrested for treason and other crimes. There was also a dance item by the 12 courtesans of the prime minister.

Relief and Joy after the performance. Click on picture for larger version.

May 13, 2006


I was thinking about the elections in Thailand; so just put my thoughts into words.

The judges declared the previous elections null and void. The reason was it was unconstitutional and undemocratic because the oppositions boycotted the elections.

My thoughts:-
1. The judges did this only after meeting the beloved Thai king. If that was the reason shouldn’t the judges have done it earlier or even stopped the elections?

2. Won’t this be a bad precedent. What if the ruling and the smaller parties gang together to boycott the next elections? Or in future, parties that don’t like this or that decide to boycott the elections?

3. I believe the parties boycotted elections because they knew that Thaksin’s party would win . If they were certain they could win would they have boycotted?

May 11, 2006

Opera at Macpherson

This Sin Yen Ling Troupe is performing at the short dead-end road indirectly opposite Macpherson CC. I think this is an annual affair. But I have never gone to watch because I had little interest in Hokkien opera then. This time I have a little interest so I went down to look see.

A group of about 50 fans were seated on chairs in front of the simple stage. Backstage was quite spacious and some performers were doing make-up or gossiping. They seemed very relaxed.

I happened to watch a scene which was quite funny. The male character was someone of high rank or royal status. He met a pretty girl and disturbed her. (The female artiste was a bit plump but not bad-looking.) They said a lot of funny things which delighted the spectators.

Later more people came. Nearby there was also a feast-cum-auction for ‘devotees’. I don’t know what the occasion was.

These are the 2 characters.


May 10, 2006


Trying out this polling thing.

Among the 4 beauties of ancient China who do you like best?
Pick your choice, click on the circle beside the name; then click vote.
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Create polls and vote for free.

May 08, 2006

Idle thoughts

Can’t resist writing something about the elections again.

If I were in Potong Pasir, I would likely vote for Chiam even if I supported PAP. I’m not Kong Meng ( a highly-respected military strategist in ancient China), but on hindsight I think the PAP used the wrong strategy. If they had not used extra tactics or offered juicy carrots, I think Chiam would win with less votes.

I think the best thing is a ‘win-win’ strategy so that even if Chiam loses the seat he won’t lose face or respect. Otherwise, just leave him alone until he retires and someone from his party takes over. Anyway he is good man.

Reading the views of some diehard fans of the oppositions gives the impression that we are a fearful and oppressed lot. We fear voting for the oppositions. We fear speaking up because we will be faced with defamation suits. We have to lower our voices and look behind our shoulders when we criticize the government. They will tell you to look at America or Taiwan.

I don’t believe that one type of democracy fits all. I also don’t believe that you can say anything to defame others or stir up racial or religious unrest.

May 05, 2006


"For the People, for the Country" This is my slogan for the next general elections. I'm thinking of contesting in the next GE. Suggestions and volunteers are welcome. Cash donations are more welcome. I'll be inviting these talented people to help:- MK to design a logo, AC to do the website, MD to be my strategist and Amai to perform at election rallies. Hahahahahahaha...

No, actually I’m not very interested in politics. My views are simple. I think a good government is one that cares for its people and manages the country well. To do that you need good and able people and strong leadership. Then every thing, be it education or defence, will fall in place. There will be peace and progress and the country will have a good reputation abroad. The Singapore dollar will be strong.

Next week no more election talk, back to opera… still got 2 more beauties of ancient China to introduce.

May 04, 2006

Election gossips

Relatively quiet in Macpherson. Some posters and banners here and there. Loudspeakers blaring out messages from pick-ups. Mr Yao Chih came to knock at my door. That’s about all.

Today it was reported Mr Sin Kek Tong said, if elected, he would just pick up Mr Yao’s plan (on upgrading) and see them through. So easy! Maybe the party, if elected to be the government, can just pick up the PM’s plan and see them through.

4 May

Someone suggested something like ‘unemployment insurance’ and another one suggested minimum wage for workers. No details.

Sounds nice, but this is not coffee-shop talk. Are these going to help workers or create jobs opportunities? I wonder if they have given some thoughts to their suggestions. More like they are just appealing to emotions.

I think in countries where there is high unemployment rate and everyone would scramble for any job, a minimum wage may help workers from being exploited. In Singapore, you have people who would rather not work if they don’t get the salary they want. You see, they already have their own minimum wage. Moreover, employers may think thrice before employing an additional worker. He might just distribute the extra work to existing staff.

3 May

Nee Soon Central – Lian Chin Way (36) vs Ong Ah Heng (62)

I think veteran Ong could better serve the residents. Perhaps new-comer Lian could work the ground and come back in 5 years time when Mr Ong would most likely not be contesting.

Sylvia Lim says any patient who chooses to stay in a class C ward should be allowed to do so and enjoy the subsidies.

I feel that patients who are wealthy should not opt for the heavily-subsidized C wards. It may not seem very fair but I think it is more rational.

2 May

At a rally someone grumbled about the GRCs again and said the late Mr S Rajaratnam, our foreign minister in MM Lee's cabinet, got into parliament without the GRC.

I am not sure about the circumstances during Mr Rajaratnam's time. Mr Rajaratnam was extraordinary. Now if you put 2 equally qualified candidates, one chinese and one of the minority race, in a SRC I am sure the chinese will win (and even if the chinese is less qualified than the other). The government foresaw this danger and so introduced the GRC.

1 May

Full time MP?

If an MP can run his constituency efficiently, it is okay for him to have another job. In fact it gives him a better understanding of things, for example jobs prospect. It would also be a waste if he gives up a job which has talent in or he specializes in.

30 April

Chiam See Tong said that if he were an NCMP he could not serve the residents as he would have no constituency to look after.

Why not? Sitoh Yih Pin has been doing that and he is not even an NCMP.

James Gomes said that he handed in the form but actually did not.

Now, if his movements have not been taped he could have insisted that he submitted the form. Then he could even accuse the election department of negligence or the government of trying to disqualify his Aljunied team.

29 April

In the news report about election rallies, Ling How Doong, former one-term MP, says “Don’t talk about the future, talk about the present.”

Like he is talking to terminally-ill patients or that Singapore has no future.

How can? Talk about both lah, the present as well as the future.

Sylvia Lim said George Yeo, foreign minister, is very good at negotiating FTAs. That makes him busy traveling overseas and so he has little time for residents.

This shows he is a good foreign minister. The residents in his constituency will also directly or indirectly benefit from the FTAs. That also shows one advantage of GRC – members can help out each other.