May 28, 2013


on 25 May 2013 at The Drama Centre

May 20, 2013

전에 처럼

This is Korean, meaning "just like before" or, in Chinese, 就像以前一樣. 
I get these from an online Translator.

There is a Korean Restaurant by this name at Kreta Ayer Road, just across the road opposite Kreta Ayer People's Theatre. After attending the shows at KAPT I would usually wait for a bus at the bus stop which is in front of the Restaurant. Several times at night I observed staff from the restaurant going outside to smoke and after smoking they just threw the butts onto the floor before going inside. They spoke in a foreign language. I think it is Korean.

This was taken last Saturday night. No one was outside but the floor was littered with many butts.

May 06, 2013


When you are travelling in a bus and suddenly you cough up some phlegm in your mouth, what would you do?  Would you swallow it? 

That was what happened to me. I did not have tissue paper and I didn't want to use my handkerchief. So I held it in my mouth until I alighted at my destination. Then I disposed of the phlegm at a grass patch nearby. 

By the way, phlegm is the thick slimy substance produced in your throat especially when you have a cold. So what do you think a phlegmatic man means?

Well, it is not a man who often has phlegm. Phlegmatic means calm and not easily excited or worried.