January 22, 2017

Be happy with what you have

Happy Lunar New Year

These few weeks, sometimes there were heavy rain on certain days and very hot weather on other days. These alternate extreme weathers can make you rather gloomy. But I think I have come to get used to it.

Did you read about the massive floods in Malaysia and Thailand and the ominous smog in China? Compared to these, our hot/rain weather is really nothing. So I think we should not complain. Though some people complain, I think they just want to release their stress.

Did you read about the 'home' some Hong Kong people live in. These are just tiny cubicles which are about the size of a car park. Incredulous, right? My three-room flat is mansion to them.

Actually I am happy with my flat and my Country although there are things that I complain about.

Everyone knows that our small size is a great disadvantage. Another negative factor is that we are surrounded by Islamic countries. I believe when we formulate policies, whether local or foreign, we have to take into account the sensitivities of our Muslim neighbours.

For example, When Indonesians are anti-China can we be too friendly with China?