February 29, 2016

Happy day-dreaming

I rarely buy TOTO. Last week I bought $2 TOTO because of the big prize. As we know the probability of getting the first prize is very very very very very very small. But you could fantasize yourself winning and what you would do with the money.

It is quite enjoyable to think of what you would do with the millions of dollars.

This was what I was dreaming about:

I would give $1 million to each of my brothers and sister. I would reserve $1 million to be donated to charitable organizations. I would set aside $500,000 to support local Cantonese opera groups or foreign troupes coming here to perform. This sum would be used for 3 to 5 years or until the money runs out.

As for myself I would buy a better camera, a few other IT things and some personal items. These won't cost a lot of money.

I have no intention of buying a house, a luxurious car or travelling round the world.

February 05, 2016

Results for 'frannxis'

Have you ever tried searching for 'frannxis'. These are what I get:

 The images:

Some of the results were from my older websites. At that time I am not sure whether there was Blogger or not. I have forgotten my usernames and/or passwords for these older sites, so I couldn't delete them.

If you use another search engine you may get something slightly different.

I went through a few of my older posts. I think many of my views on certain things have not changed. Here is one from an older post:

“Last week one new post65 MP said it was cool to be square. He was commenting on the PAP trying to be hip in order to connect with the younger generation. No need, he said, people support the PAP for what it is – serious and square.

In our relationship with friends, I feel you don’t have to put on an act if you don’t like or enjoy it. Your friends should accept you as yourself.

My friends sometimes say I am not sporting or not sociable when I refuse to join them do certain things. Never mind what they say.”