October 30, 2014

Some October performances

(1) at Kreta Ayer Square

杨丽莲, 潭伟良


(2) at The Serangoon Community Club



(3) at Kreta Ayer Community Club

(4) at Kreta Ayer People's Theatre

October 22, 2014

information about opera shows, 三皇五帝

Cantonese opera fans are having a busy time in October. There are many Cantonese opera performances this month. In a few cases there are more than two shows on the same day. Besides the San Wang Wu Di street opera which lasts 14 days, there are about 10 other shows. Then there may be a few more which I do not know of.

I think it would be good if there is a Cantonese opera information centre where we can get information of coming Cantonese opera shows in Singapore.

I observed that several opera groups put up information or posters of their shows at the CTC Chinese Opera Teahouse at Smith Street. There is no notice board outside the Teahouse, so the notices or posters are pasted on the wall or door making it look quite disorderly.

I think the CTC Teahouse is a convenient location. The posters could also attract tourists to go and watch a show . 


The 'San Wan Wu Di' opera shows are held at Havelock Road this year. I heard that other places  being considered for next year are Hong Lim Park, Whampoa and Havelock Road (the present venue). I think the authorities will not approve a two-week long opera shows at Hong Lim Park.

Some say that the Havelock Road venue is not convenient, but it actually depends on where you live. Convenience is just one factor. A venue in the Chinatown area would be better because Chinatown has the atmosphere and buzz. But I guess they cannot find a suitable place in Chinatown.

By the way, the spectator hall at the Havelock venue is more spacious than the previous one at Chinatown.

This is the spectator hall and the front of the stage ...

This is the hall for religious activities ...