November 29, 2008

合晒合尺 (粵劇集)

The videos below are from a Cantonese opera series, 合晒合尺. It is divided into different topics to introduce Cantonese opera. The series has ended recently. There are many videos of it here:

Here are the topics:



劇團仙子 - 花旦

November 28, 2008


A month or two ago I wrote a post 'beer girls' but no pictures. I went to the Food Centre again recently. So I took a photo to show you. Luckily they didn't throw a beer bottle at me.

Here are two hard-working decent beer girls. You know why some people have that curious look on their faces? Because a group of beer-drinking men at a table suddenly broke out into a song. I think they were very happy about something or celebrating something.

November 26, 2008

A performance at Singapore's Chinese Opera Teahouse

This video was taken by Chinatownology.
Foreign visitors to Singapore and tourists, if you are interested in watching a performance at the Tea-house, you can check out information this site:

November 25, 2008

Recent performance at KAPT

Attractive posters outside the Theatre

MP for Joo Chiat Chan Soo Sen with opera teacher

黎耀威 & 戚超群


November 23, 2008


One morning last week I was waiting for the lift to go down. After some time still no sign of it coming up. So I walked down. Nearing the lift landing I saw a man using his body to block the lift door. My first thought was he was blocking the door to wait for his friend.

Just as I was about to ask him, another man on the street gave him a signal. He moved off. The lights in the lift went off. You know what happened?

It was then I remembered that electricity supply was supposed to be disrupted for a few hours that morning. The man was blocking the lift door to prevent people upstairs from entering the lift. Otherwise they would be trapped when the power shut down.

Must remind myself not to jump to conclusion straightaway. Pause first.

November 18, 2008


After reading the interview with the DBS chief, I have this thought.

You see, LB was 20 times bigger than DBS. You put your money in DBS because you believe it is safe. With something well-known and 20 times bigger surely it is more safe.

If at that time someone told you 'save, no risks', it is logical, right?

Some people might have thought this way too, so they invested.

Just heard the news that some town councils also bought LB-linked investments. See, they also thought it was safe.

November 16, 2008


I have several warranty cards but I couldn't remember where I put them. There were cases I didn't even send back the manufacturer's portions but these were usually cheaper items like cooker.

Last week I found the card for the Casio camera, the one that had a bad fall. The agent's warranty period is over but I forgot that I paid for the extended warranty by Harvey Norman, the shop where I bought the camera. It is for another two years.

So I took it for repair at Casio's outlet at IOI Plaza. First time I visited this plaza. It is in Middle Road. There is nothing to see. It is not a shopping centre. At the small ground floor there was a counter, security counter I suppose, with a man sitting behind. But he seemed to be preoccupied with something on his desk the few times I was there.

The cost of repairs is about one-third the price of the camera or about four times the price of the extended warranty.

Here is a little question to stimulate your mind:
How many times is the price of the camera compared to the price for the extended warranty?

November 14, 2008


Two days ago I was walking home in the afternoon. The sky was overcast. Then it rained. I took shelter at a row of shops nearby. There is an OCBC branch, the one which I go to to take out money. So I went in to enjoy the air-con. A sweet pleasant girl came to me. I have not seen her before.

Can I help you, she asked.

No, I said. Then I said, Can you lend me an umbrella? I didn't expect a positive reply.

But, surprisingly she said can and went into the room to fetch an umbrella.

It was a pleasant surprise, right?

I'll be returning the umbrella.

November 12, 2008


My old TV set has been giving problems for months. The images look like over-exposed photos and once in a while the screen blacks out for a few seconds with only the sound on. It has been repaired before and the warranty period is over. I was waiting for it conk out completely before getting a new one. But it is very stubborn, continuing to annoy us this way.

Last week SM Goh said people who are little affected by the recession and who are not likely to be retrenched should continue to spend normally. If everyone doesn't want to spend, the economy will get worse. More people will lose their jobs. That is the reason for China's 4 trillion yuan stimulus package. One trillion has 12 zeroes.

Hee hee, I have decided to spend money on a new TV set. From now till Lunar New Year there will be lots of promotions, sales and free gifts. This festive period is a good time to look around; I think MD would agree. I will also be looking for a portable DVD player, clothing and shoes, VCDs ...

See, I'm helping to stimulate the economy and save jobs. Hahaha.

But you must not be extravagant; just spend on what you need and on your little pleasures like watching opera shows and eating at your favourite restaurant. Remember to save some money also.


November 10, 2008

November 08, 2008

Vintage Singapore

Here is a book people nostalgic about old things and old times will love. A lot of things for them to reminisce about. The book is quite expensive, $40+. I didn't buy it. I looked through and took some pictures.

This is the cover.

Anyone of you here?

November 06, 2008


I mentioned that if I want to buy a camera I prefer Panasonic or Sony. Same for TV sets. For computer my preference is HP. My first computer was a Datamini, the present one is HP. But it doesn't mean I don't look at or buy other brands.

Haha, don't be mistaken. I am not making recommendations. I am not saying that these are better than other brands. It is just personal preferences.

But I think the following are some reasons why people prefer certain brands:
1. Because of their own experiences

2. What they heard from friends and others or read from reviews

3. Influenced by advertisements
4. The country of manufacture
is important to them

November 04, 2008

Opera titles in English

I watched Opera Nite at the Frontier recently. The English translations of the names of the opera excerpts and songs were quite cute but rather long. I only remember two of them. See if you know the names in Chinese:

1. The Royal Concubines compete for love and attention. (4 words)
2. Praying to the late Royal Concubine Mei in a snowy night. (5 words)


戚超群 & 黄莉莉

新域花旦 - 胡宝燕, 钟丽容, 陳玉芬