October 24, 2012

opera show @ KAPT on 20-10-12

This is Chan Wai Kin, the chief executive and organizer of the show. I had no chance to take his photo, so scanned one from the souvenir magazine to show you. He also performed a short excerpt.

I also had no chance to take photos of  many of the performers. They didn't stay long on the stage after the show. They also didn't take a group photo.

刘金定招亲 – 龔耀祥, 戚超群

October 22, 2012

The Negotiator

A few days ago I passed by the stall at the five foot way where I bought the Enid Blyton book. I took a look and saw this book. I have read most of Frederick Forsyth's books but not this one. So I bought it – only $2.

Now I am about a quarter way through the story. It is beginning to get exciting. Briefly it is something like this .....

A small group of wealthy and influential Americans were not happy with what their president was doing, especially about signing some disarmament treaty with the Russians. They also thought that in a not too distant future, the supply of oil would dwindle and America would be at the mercy of the few middle east countries that still had oil.

So they hatched a sinister plot to force the US president to step down. They also planned to assassinate the whole government of Saudi Arabia and replace it with a sect that would be beholden to the US. Their first step was to kidnap the president's son.

October 18, 2012


紫钗记 (牛车水人民剧场) 6 October 2012

香港红伶粤曲獅城滙 (牛车水人民剧场) 13,14 October 2012

October 15, 2012


Stars of old Cantonese movie 

The great detective - Cho Tat Wah

The fierce mother-in-law - Wong Man Lei

The loving mother - Lee Yuet Ching

The villain - Lau Hak Suen

Another bad guy - Keong Chung Peng

The loving couple - Ng Chor Fan and But Yin

Female shengs - Yam Kim Fai, Law Yim Heng

Heart-throbs of the 70s - Chan Poh Choo, Siew Fong Fong

Elvis Presley of the East - Cheng Kwun Min

Romeos - Cheung Ying, Chia Yeen

Durain lovers - Loong Kong, Lum Feng

Chivalrous duo - Lum Ka Seng, Siew Fong Fong

Mismatching pair - Sun Ma Chye, Tham Lan Heng (with Lee Pang Fei)

It is not easy to get a man who loves you a lot  - Chow Chong, Ka Ling

Swordsman and swordswoman -  Yu So Chau, Cho Tat Wah (with Lee Pang Fei)

October 11, 2012


Zuo (做) means do or work. If you say "Don't work" in Cantonese, it can refer to some work the person is doing (做工) or it can refer to a performance (做戏).

One Friday afternoon I met two friends along the road. They are amateur Cantonese opera performers. We stopped briefly for a few words. The dialogue was in Cantonese.

They were on their way to do some voluntary work. One of them told me she would be performing on Saturday night and asked me to support her. 

From her voice, I think she was not feeling well. I asked her. Yes, she said, she was on medication and was recovering.

Take more rest, I said. Don't work; let your friend do it.

You don't like to see me perform, is it? She said in jest.

For a moment I was wondering why she said that. Then I realized that she misunderstood me. When I said don't work she thought I meant don't perform. So I told her I meant don't do the voluntary work, not about her performing.

October 05, 2012

紅顏薄命 - 杜娟, 林黛, 林鳳

Beauties have a short life. These 3 actresses died at a young age - Du Juan at 27; Lin Dai, 29 and Lin Feng, 36. They killed themselves.

Whom do you find the prettiest? For me, she is Lin Feng.

Du Juan 杜娟

Lin Dai 林黛

Lin Feng 林鳳