May 31, 2009

名曲欣賞 (3)

狄青闖三關 - 阮兆輝, 郭鳳女

May 29, 2009

名剧欣賞 (3)

關公與貂蝉 - 彭炽权, 曾慧

May 27, 2009


I saw this word in Victor's post. I had only a vague idea what it means, so like a dutiful pupil I looked up the dictionary. Not online dictionary but in the thick Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English which I bought many years ago. It says, plagiarize - to take words or ideas of another person and use them in your own work but without stating that they are not your own.

Some people put up a quiz if they are too busy and have no time to think of what to post. But putting up a quiz is also not easy, you must have the information first and then organize it. I think an easier way is to copy pictures from other sites and post them in your blog. Copying pictures is not 'plagiarize', is it?

This is what I'm doing now, here are two pictures I like ...

A cute SIA girl but I don't know which flight she is on. (This picture is from Shanice's blog. Her blog has a lot of nice pictures of kids.)

Having fun (Can't remember where this picture from)

May 25, 2009

A green block

It looks like many residents in my block have green fingers. There are a few levels with a lot of plants along the corridor. On one level, 90% of the flats have plants outside.

Maybe some of these residents have been living in the kampong before they moved to high-rise flats. And they were used to growing plants and rearing fowl in the compound of their houses.

If the HDB allows it, I guess some households might rear chickens in their flats. Someone might even keep an old cock with a powerful crow to use as an alarm clock to wake up the family every morning.

(If you buy a male chick and take good care of it, it will become an old cock in about 8 years, which is equivalent to about 70 years for human. If you would like to see an old cock, there is a picture and a story about it here.)

Here are three of the levels in my block with a lot of plants, some very tall, but they are quite neat and tidy ...

A mini garden

This level is the only exception, no shoe racks and very few footwear outside but there are still a few pots of plants at the further end.

May 23, 2009


夢斷香銷四十年之再進沈園 - 梁耀安

In this clip, Lu You was an old man when he returned to visit the Shen Yuan Garden. Looking at the familiar scene and the poem he wrote on the wall decades ago brought back sad memories of his lost love. He was overcome by emotions.

May 21, 2009

樊梨花 Fan Li Hua

名旦英姿 - 李淑勤演樊梨花

May 19, 2009

Marine Parade CC Cantonese Opera Club

Some photos from the Sunday show at the Marine Parade Community Club. The MPCC Cantonese Opera Club presented two shows, Saturday & Sunday, both in the afternoon. Huang Fei is the leader of the Opera Club.

I didn't take any photos during the show. The first two photos were taken when the two artistes came out to the public area during interval.

李宋婷 Li Song Ting

何珍妮 as 夫人, 李宋婷 as 紅娘, He Zhen Ni and Li Song Ting

End of show, the two of them are standing in the centre.

劉滿鑽 and 裴俊斐 who performed 對花鞋; the lady in the middle is 黃妃.

May 17, 2009

Nose shape

Hello, anyone not happy with the shape of your nose?

I was flipping through a magazine and saw this advertisement offering to help you change the shape of your nose. Looking at the before and after images, I don't feel that the after images look better. The left image is before the alteration, the right image is after.

May 15, 2009


Last week I was at a Polyclinic. The orange alert for the H1N1 flu was still on. Nurses in full anti-flu garb were at the entrance poking thermometers into people's ears. Others were sitting in front of computers registering visitors. There was even a policeman. Or maybe his presence was not related to the flu.

If you do not know about the H1N1 flu yet, you might be a bit worried or alarmed at the sight. Or some people might think it was an over-reaction, a waste of resources and time.

As for myself I actually found it reassuring, assured of our preparedness and the authorities are monitoring the situation, that the health people will know what to do if there were to be an outbreak of the flu here. On the other hand, if the clinic does nothing and allows patients who have fever to mix with other patients and visitors walking in and out as they like, I would be a little worried.

Now, this reassurance is not just for the H1N1 but also extends to areas which we do not see - for example, people looking after our country's security or people looking after the safety of our food - that they are also working diligently and not letting their guard down. But of course it doesn't mean that unpleasant things will not happen.

Now, the $10 story:
I was waiting outside the consultation room. Then a Malay man sitting beside me began to talk to me. He said he did not have enough money and asked me to lend him $10. He looked the decent type. Anyway I don't think anyone who doesn't really need the money would ask a stranger to lend him money. So I gave him $10.

He asked me for my number so that he could return the money to me. I told him never mind, no need to return.
I am not rich, just enough to get by, but can still afford to spare a few dollars. I'm sure you would have done the same too.

May 13, 2009


A few days ago, I took a bus. The driver was a woman, not very young but also not old. Maybe between 30 and 40. I am not good at guessing people's age. From her looks I think she is from China. It was not unusual to see woman bus drivers, even young ones, when I was in Guangzhou.

Later I went to an MRT station to top-up my card. I also had the feeling that the girl behind the counter was from China, so I asked her. She told me the province she came from.

On the way home I went to a supermarket to buy mantou. The cashier was also a China girl. I had asked her too.

It was a public holiday. Are more foreigners scheduled to work on public holidays? I don't think so. Probably just coincidence.

So, are foreigners taking our jobs, or just that companies cannot get enough locals to do these jobs? I guess it is the latter.

Here are the small mantou I bought. I have been eating the bigger ones. The small ones take a shorter time to steam, about six minutes will do. Taste also good.

They look big but actually they are small. You can finish one mantou in 2 bites.

May 11, 2009


前情如夢 - 葉幼琪

May 09, 2009


打金枝 (李龍, 蘇春梅)

May 07, 2009

名剧欣賞 (2)

洞庭十送 - 丁凡, 蔣文端

Send-off at Dong Ting - This clip is by Ting Fan and Jeong Mun Tuin of the Guangdong Academy of Cantonese Opera First Troupe.

May 05, 2009

Salted chicken egg

Remember I have a post telling you I was trying to make salted eggs from chicken eggs. Well, one month has passed. Time passes very fast. Blink your eyes and it will be National Day already ....

Here are the results:
The one on the right is the normal chicken egg and the other one is my chicken salted egg. The yolk has hardened quite a lot and changed to a beautiful orange-red colour. I have already cooked one and eaten it. It was about 3 or 4 times less salty than normal duck salted egg which is a good thing. It is not healthy to eat too much salt, you could get high blood pressure.

If you are interested in making salted eggs, you can check this out:

May 03, 2009

Xiang Opera artistes

There was still more than 30 minutes before the start of the show. So I went to the court outside the troupe's make-up room to look around. I saw the artistes going in and out of the room in various stages of dress-up and make-up, as if it were some normal thing they do everyday. I find it interesting, so I took some pictures.

The pictures are not clear as I did not use the flash and I did not ask them to stand still for me take their photos.
Unfortunately I did not see Zheng Ya Ling, the lead sheng of the troupe.

I am not familiar with the artistes. I don't know this one.

You can guess what role he played by his face make-up.

Two of them, I think the younger one is Lan Hai Bin, another lead sheng.

May 01, 2009

名剧欣賞 (1)

越国骊歌 (黄伟坤, 琼霞)

Parting Sorrows - Xi Shi, one of the four beauties of ancient China, was about to go to the State of Wu. Fan Li was the official to send her off. Xi Shi expressed her love for Fan Li who put the interest of the country first.