March 31, 2009


There are 4 barber shops around my area, one Chinese, one Indian and two Malay. The Chinese and the two Malay shops charge $8 for adults. I don't know about the Indian. Now I stick to one of the Malay shops. Usually there are two barbers in the shop, but sometimes got three.

I cut hair about once every two months, so the total bill for one year is merely $50. You know why got $2 extra, right?

I think my hair is easy to cut and my head is not very big, so they usually finished the job fast.

I read Victor's post about his haircut (link on the right - Taking up the challenge). His cost only $2.80 and included wash and blow and got receipt somemore. The receipt below is from his blog. From the list of shops in the receipt, the nearest for me is at Bendemeer.

March 29, 2009

Salty eggs

Came across this post on how to make salted eggs, so I tried it out with four chicken eggs. But have to wait about 4 weeks before I can tell you the outcome. If you are interested:

March 27, 2009

da xi 大戲

Here is a book about Chinese street opera in Singapore. It is by Paul Van der Veer from The Netherlands. People interested in but have little knowledge about Chinese opera might find it interesting but for Chinese opera fans in Singapore, I think there isn't much that they don't already know.

The book cover

Quotations from my blog and Miko's blog. There are several other quotations from Miko's Opera Fanatic Fan. The writer said Miko had helped him a lot with the book.

a picture from the book

March 09, 2009

粵韵风华 Cantonese melodies

Last Saturday at the SCO Concert Hall
The pre-performance talk.....

the autograph session.....

the female vocalist.....

March 07, 2009


Last week I read a post - the writer said someone used his photo in a Facebook account but the writer himself is not a member of Facebook. He is just an ordinary person with a normal face. Anyway, why would a person want to use another person's photo?

Just to let you know, I don't have an account with Facebook. If you see the name Frannxis there, it is another person.
But I don't think another person will come up with this name too.

We should not post sensitive information about the armed forces online. You never know, the information could be used by people with bad intention to harm us and our Country. If not sure if something is sensitive or not, then don't post. No need to wait for something unpleasant to happen first.

On and off I have been reading this blog, A Soldier's Mother. She is not a Singaporean, neither is her son. They are in Israel. Often she writes about the conflict in the Middle East. As you would expect, she is on her country's side.

If you are interested :

March 06, 2009

Chinese Opera Teahouse

This is a ticket issued by Singapore's first Chinese Opera Teahouse during the early months of its opening. The show consisted of musical pieces on the pipa and the yangqin and some songs by CTC artistes. Later there were only songs and they also stopped issuing tickets. Now it is a karaoke teahouse.

In the early days, there was even a feng jie in olden-time costume to serve you tea.

Shows in the evenings, now still have, but on certain days only ...

For more details please click here:

March 04, 2009

Street opera videos 新加坡酬神戲

風流才子 - 劉惠鳴
You know the name of the opera? It is a well-known yam-but opera.

俏丫環 - 梁慧珠

What about the name of this opera?

March 02, 2009

Street opera at Sims Drive, Singapore

The male lead, sheng 劉惠鳴

The female lead, huadan 郭鳳儀

Another 2 shengs

A young huadan, as a maid, 梁慧珠

The altar at backstage where the artistes pray before they perform

A young fan

The orchestra