May 28, 2012


Some of the performers at the Marine Parade CC Cantonese Opera Group's 9th anniversary shows.

賽雪心, 蔡淑嫻

賽雪心, 張偉光


洪清芳, 文群芳

龔耀祥, 黃妃

May 23, 2012


林建炜, 谢绮玲 - teachers/leaders of the Bukit Batok Community Cub Cantonese opera group ...

Recruitment of members ...

Performances/activities to celebrate its 10th anniversary ...

May 16, 2012


丁卫标, 曾秋霞

Here is a quiz for you. What is the name of this song?

May 11, 2012

buy 2 get 1 free

I was looking for frozen chicken wings (those seasoned ones used for snacks). I saw a certain brand at a FAIRPRICE supermarket. The picture of chicken wings on the packet looked quite appetizing. They are product of Turkey. I thought of buying a packet.

Then I saw a notice which said Buy 2 get 1 free. Three packets? I haven't eaten this type before so I only wanted to try one packet. Also, my freezer was already quite crowded, I didn't want to put in another 3 packets of chicken wings.

If I buy one packet, I would feel like I have been short-changed.

In the end I bought another brand, one that I have tried before. Normal price, no special offer..

May 01, 2012


Once upon a time I was driving along a road and looking for a certain building in an area I was unfamiliar with. So I drove slower than normal. A male driver behind me was not happy. He honked me. He was following too close. So, I increased my speed a little to give him chance to overtake.

Later he had the chance to overtake me. After that he cut into my lane and suddenly slowed down. Then he purposely drove slowly - slower than I. So I had to slow down further. He thought he could irritate me.

I find his actions childish and risky. It could have caused an accident.

Soon he lost patience. No, he didn't come and box me. He lost patience with his own slow driving. He drove off.

Maybe in future I could make a banner and display it at the back windscreen - Driver not familiar with area.