July 28, 2009

Kolam Ayer CC Opera Night

on 25 July 2009

The performers ...

The leaders 黄莉莉, 戚超群 ...

Minister Yaacob Ibrahim was the GOH. He sat through one opera excerpt and one song. If he had sat through the whole performance, I think he would be very very bored because he couldn't understand a thing. You see, there were 5 songs and cantonese operatic songs are very long. One of the songs lasted about 15 minutes while the others were about 20 - 25 minutes each. There were 3 opera excerpts. So the whole show lasted slightly more than 3 hours.

Some Cantonese opera fans have the bad habit of leaving before the show ends. This happened that night too though it was not late. What was the hurry?

The performers are amateurs who take up the art for interest and leisure. So don't expect very high standard. But they have enthusiasm and courage.

Ng Lili, a sheng and leader of the Kolam Ayer CC opera group, performed two items - one solo and one with Chik Chiu Kuan. She sang well and I feel that her make-up has improved. Chik Chiu Kuan is from China, but is a resident now and conducts opera and singing lessons. She is a beautiful dan.

Curtain Call 謝幕

July 26, 2009


十八相送之三 - 靜婷, 森森

July 24, 2009

Pat Woh Wui Koon 八和會館

This is Singapore's Pat Woh Wui Koon. Its present premises is at Keong Siak Street.

It will be celebrating its 152th anniversary this year. Pat Woh is an association for cantonese opera artistes and professionals. In olden days cantonese opera artistes were obliged to join this organization.

An old photo showing HK actor Kwan Tuck Heng with Pat Woh members when he visited the association. The year was not stated.

July 21, 2009

Cash card not enough money

A few evenings ago I went to The Durian. I thought the parking fee was still $4 per entry after 6pm. I had $5.09 in the cash card. Enough, I thought. Wrong. It is now $5.50. What to do?

I stopped by the side before the lane that led to the gantry entrance. I walked over to the parking assistant not far away. I told him about my problem. He said 'Don't worry, just go in and the sensor will deduct all the money in the card. Then go and top up the card at the machine in the lobby. When you go out the balance will be deducted.'

I was not aware of this as it was the first time I was in such a situation.

I also chitchatted a bit with the assistant, an elderly but sprightly man.

I asked him if he had his dinner. Yes, he said.

He was friendly and looked happy in his job. I asked him. Yes, he said he was happy.

He looked like a retiree. I asked him too.
Haha, I sounded like a busybody. Yes, he was. He said he was seventy plus, which was quite unexpected. He was glad that the Esplanade hired old people like him. If not he also didn't know what to do at home.

I said 'Good for you. Important thing is you are happy with the job'.

I guess young Singaporeans would not want to do this job. So either older people or foreigners.

Hello friends, if you are very scared of snakes, don't scroll down to the third post. There is a snake there.

July 18, 2009

Prima Laksa

Have you tried this laksa pack? I read two reviews about it and both writers said very good. So I bought one to try. You just follow the instructions given. It is supposed to be for 2 to 3 persons. But if you divide into smaller portions, it should be ok for 4 persons.

You choose the food you want to go into your laksa. I had prawns, mussels, tau pok, bean sprouts and thick meehoon. At first I wanted to put cockles instead of mussels, but the cockles I saw at the supermarket that day looked dull and pale. So I didn't buy them.

Finally put everything into a bowl. The chili is also provided in the pack.
Yummy laksa! Does it make you salivate?

My verdict - very good. But this is not healthy food, so don't eat it often.

July 15, 2009


The pictures are from another blog. Scary stuff for a horror movie. So, look before you sit down on the toilet bowl, including those in your house.

Weight loss

Came across this post about losing weight in a girl's blog. Looks like her weight-loss plan is very effective. The following is from her blog:

Update on my weight loss big plan!

Nov 1 2008: 114-115 kg

June 11 2009: 78kg

Total wt loss: 37kgs

Ideal wt: 50

Wt to go: 28kgs

July 12, 2009


I returned home a few nights ago. I took a lift up my block together with a young woman whom I recognize by sight. I pressed three buttons, one for myself, one for her and one to close the doors. When the doors closed the lights suddenly went off and then came on again, off again and on, off and on, off and on ... It was quite scary.

Soon the lift reached my level and I went out. The woman who stays at a higher level also came out. I think she was scared to be alone in the lift.

I have also taken this same lift in total darkness. It was several months ago. I returned home after midnight
. When I entered the lift the lights inside were not on. I thought they would go on when the doors closed. No, they didn't.

So for 20 seconds I was in the lift alone in absolute darkness. The buttons in the lift do not have lights. You couldn't see your fingers if you put your hand in front of your face. I was quite frightened. Luckily it was a very short journey.
No time to think of stories about haunted lifts.

July 09, 2009

Some posters and GZX artistes

Found some posters at an opera blog. ( http://gd1256.blog.163.com/blog/ ) So I copied a few and put them here. If you happen to be in Hong Kong or Guangzhou in July, you may consider watching these shows.

Saw some nice photos of Ge Zai Xi artistes at Si Hui's blog. So I copied some and posted a few here to show Cantonese opera fans. These two artistes are from Taiwan and are very popular in Singapore. Their troupe has just completed a 16-day performance here. If you want to see more photos, you can visit this site:



The pair of them

July 06, 2009

On a bus

One night I was on the way home on a bus. A comical show was on on the TV screen. I had to turn my head 90° left if wanted to watch. Anyway my view was blocked but I could hear a lot of laughter but no dialogue.

Four young women sitting on the row opposite me were watching the show. Two of them were Indians and looked like they were sisters while the other two were Chinese. The sisters showed smiles and looks of amusement on their faces and one of the Chinese was giggling while covering her mouth with her hand.
Hee hee hee, she herself looked comical too. But the fourth woman had a stoical expression, no sign that she enjoyed the show.

Maybe she didn't or her mind was somewhere else although her eyes were on the screen.
It would be nice if I had taken a picture to show you. It was an interesting scene.

Growth Plan
Bank interest rate for savings account is only about 0.125% and even rates for fixed deposits are less than 1%. Last week a friend asked me to consider investing in
INCOME's Growth Plan. He said it gives 3% on your investment. Minimum amount is $5000 and minimum period is 5 years.

So I checked INCOME's website. It looks quite attractive. If you are interested: http://ntucincome.com.sg/insurance/growth/

July 03, 2009

Pioneers and grandmothers

When a blog is not updated for 6 months or more, I presume that the blogger is no more interested in his blog and has abandoned it. I think 6 months is quite a reasonable time. There are exceptions though. There is a blog called Singapore Pioneers which is often not updated for months. I think this is one of the exceptions because there aren't many pioneers to write about.

Maybe the blogger could also write about Singaporeans who take up challenges (I was thinking of Victor's blog title.) like people running long marathons, climbing high mountains, old people studying for a degree ...


The other day while at a cantonese opera show, some ladies behind me were chatting before the show started. One said 'I have to help look after my grandchildren'. If I were a teenager I would imagine an old wrinkled woman sitting on an armchair smiling at some small kids or babies.

But after years of contact with Chinese opera fans, I realized that many grandmothers are actually quite young and active. And quite a number are taking lessons in singing or even opera.

Later I turned back to have a look. Sure enough, no wrinkled old ladies but three young-looking women, maybe in the mid fifties. Of the night's performers I guess 3 of them are in the grandmother category.