January 09, 2005

Lion City's Cantonese Opera Stars Fund-raising Spectacular.

8 January 2005, Kreta Ayer People's Theatre

Ng Lee Lee managed to get together the main opera groups for this performance which lasted for about 3 hours . It ended around 10.30 which was a good thing as it gave people ample time to go home. Still I saw a few people leaving in the middle of the last excerpt.

There were 5 excerpts. I believe all the performers have put in great effort for the show.

The shortest excerpt was Woman Warriors of the Yang Family. Joanna Wong played the martial role of Muk Kwai Ying. Actually I was worried that at her age of 60+, she would not be able to execute the martial moves or do the fighting part well. It turned out she gave a creditable performance. Her singing was pleasant but sounded weak.

Wu Wai Fong playing the role of Chew Tze Long has a strong voice and performed well but she lacked the height as the formidable warrior. Ng Lee Lee has improved. However, I feel her performance rather bland. I think this excerpt tends to be draggy towards the end.

Lou Mee Wah and her students acted the excerpt Bidding Farewell to Keng Or. I think she performed as expected.

Ling Tung Meng partnered Chee Kin Fun in another excerpt. Tung Meng, with his sound opera training and powerful voice, put up a convincing performance as Chew Tze Long. But he has put on weight. I think his stoutness affected his martial moves and his twists and turns. Chee Kun Fun's voice seemed to have deteriorated and her face looked a little gaunt.

Chik Chew Kuarn is slim and looks pretty in her make-up. She also sings well. Chow Chun Hong looked like the God of Prosperity.

These are just my personal views.


Anonymous said...

If Ling Tung Meng were to perform an excerpt of a xiao-sheng, his stocky build would be more obvious to the eyes of the audience, with the xiao-sheng costume. I guess he made a right move to be Chew Tze Loong.

It's almost a mission-impossible to bring together these veterans into the same show as there is too much politiking in this Cantonese opera circle. I guess the veterans themselves may not have much to do with the politiking. It's often the people around them who succeed in fanning the political fire aflame.

What i have expressed above are truly what i feel, and i guess many would be upset or inflamed. Pls don't take it too personally.

Anonymous said...

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