January 18, 2005

The Patriotic Princess

16 January 2005, Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre

I saw this opera performed by Singaporean artistes in the following years:
1998 by Lou Mee Wah and Li Fung (from HK)
2000 by Chan Fook Hong and Wong Mei Ling
2000 by Wong Kum Yeng and See Too Hoi Siang
2004 by Kong Yew Cheong and Lau Moon Chuin

Besides these I also saw others performed by foreign troupes. But, invariably I find The Patriotic Princess an entertaining opera.

In three of the above shows Christopher Choo played the role of the emperors. So this is the fourth time I watched him at the same role again. I feel that this was his best performance. It would be hard for any local artiste to match up to his performance in this role.

Joanna Wong has good rapport with Ng Yim Hong and with her wide experience, performing 3 of the scenes was a breeze to her. Though her performance was good, I feel that the role of a teenage princess or a young maiden is not suitable for her.

Chen Yin Leng performed 2 scenes. I think this is one of her best performances in recent years. Her passionate rendering of the songs in the scenes was much appreciated by the audience.

One scene was performed by Li Si Yao. According to an opera fan, her acting was fine but her singing was off-style meaning she did not sing it in the Cantonese opera way.

Ng Yim Hong (HK) looked relaxed and at ease with herself throughout the show. I felt that she was taking things too easy.

Just my personal non-professional views. Hope no one gets offended.

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