June 23, 2005

At the Clinic

Last week I went to the Polyclinic for a minor ailment. Mid-afternoon, weekday. Took a queue number and waited for about 10 minutes at the registration. When my turn came I requested for my regular doctor – a young petite lady with her short hair tied in a ponytail. I feel she has the doctor look. She has been seeing me for at least 2 years.

Waited more than one hour outside her consultation room. During this time more than ten patients went in and out of her room.

During my session, a new doctor next door came over and asked her for advice. She went over for a brief minute or two.

My ailment was nothing serious. She prescribed me some medication.

Then I asked her whether she attended to about 80 patients a day. My guess was not far off – she said she saw 78 patients the day before. I mentioned that she must be tired and frustrated seeing so many patients. She said it was tiring but her greatest frustration was with difficult patients. I sympathize with her as myself has often dealt with difficult people. I just told her to cheer up and not to be too bothered with them.

While writing this I thought I could have told her that there are also many people with great respect for doctors. I am one of them.

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