December 18, 2005

Wun Fei Yin's 40 years in Cantonese Opera

When I was in Hong Kong, Wun Fei Yin was celebrating her 40 years in Cantonese opera with several nights of performances. I watched one of her shows on 3 December at the Hong Kong Cultural Center at Tsim Sha Tsui.

There were 5 excerpts; Fei Yin performed in 4 of them.

Yuen Siu Fai and Leong Hon Wai performed a comical excerpt. Yuen is a versatile actor; performing different roles equally well. In this excerpt he was a magistrate, a comic character. His facial expressions and gestures reminded me of Lau Hak Suen (An actor who always played the villain in old Cantonese movies.).

There was a mini exhibition at the HK Cultural Center in conjunction with Fei Yin’s performances. The exhibits included Fei Yin’s photos, magazines, opera costumes and other opera peripherals.

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