January 08, 2006

Blogs on Chinese Opera

Singaporean blogs:

1. Opera Fanatic Blog by Miko - “Chinese opera is so beautiful.. I want to cry!”
Miko performs Ge Zai Xi and Liyuanxi.

2. Kirk’s Passion by Amai - “ I belong to the stage, I belong to my Chinese Opera”.
Amai performs XiangJu.

Their enthusiasm and passion in Chinese opera are reflected in their writings.

3. A.C.’s World of Thoughts (http://aycee78.blogspot.com/)
He is a member of the Bukit Panjang Hokkien Konghuay Opera Troupe. (The only Xiangju troupe in Singapore.)

Other blogs:

1. A blog by a Hong Kong girl, Apple, who performs Cantonese opera.

2. Cantonese Opera’ by a Malaysian.


This Singaporean wrote about her experience watching a Cantonese opera performance for the first time.

Another Singaporean says Chinese opera needs to be preserved.


A.C. said...

Wow... can see you really take effort to go and search for all these links!

A.C. said...

Oops... forgot to say, thanks for adding my blog to yours!

Anonymous said...

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