July 05, 2006

Generous fans

There is a Ge Zai Xi performance at Gu Cai Ba. GZX is a type of Hokkien opera and GCB is the Sheng Hong Temple at Paya Lebar. This is the temple’s website: http://www.shtemple.org.sg/

My opera-loving blogger friends have put up several posts about it. The troupe is a local one but there was a popular guest artiste from Taiwan whose singing is highly-rated by my OBF. (She had her last performance yesterday.)

The opera fans are very generous. They present cash gifts (between $200 and $2000) to their idols. The announcements pasted on both sides of the stage tell you the amounts of cash gifts the artistes got from their fans. Amai said the tw star got more cash gifts last night.

I think she got more than our MP’s monthly allowance.

This is the second place where I see cash gifts at street operas.

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