October 28, 2006

Roast duck

I ordered ‘roast duck drumstick rice’ at a roast duck rice stall.

“Don’t put gravy,” I told the aunty assistant. I don’t like the gravy of most roast duck stalls. Instead of enhancing the taste, I feel it spoils the roast duck.

“You want to put soya sauce and cooked oil?” she asked.

“Put,” I said.

Simple instructions.

So, I expected the duck with the soya sauce and oil on it to come on the rice itself or in a separate plate.

But the aunty seemed to have a different interpretation of my instructions.

The plate of rice came with soya sauce and oil added and the duck came in another plate with gravy added!!!

First time this happened. I think she might have thought I referred to the rice only. Must give very specific instructions if I patronize the stall again.

Maybe in a similar way, we sometimes misunderstand each other.

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Victor said...

I too had some brushes with hawkers but it was not because of misunderstandings. One incident happened at Margaret Drive Food Centre many years ago. There were two stalls selling fishball mee there. I told the woman helper at the corner stall that I wanted only fishball soup without any mee. She bluntly told me that she didn't sell it that way. I was so mad that I ordered the same from the other stall and purposely sat in front of her stall to show her that I could still get what I wanted from the other stall. From then onwards, that corner stall accepted 'fishball only' orders.