March 12, 2008

Health survey

Last week I was waiting for registration at the polyclinic. A group of youths were looking for people to help them do some health survey. A pleasant girl approached me. I said ok.

She got ready some forms. She said, ' Sir, you volunteer to do this, right? '

' Yes, ' I said. Actually I did not volunteer lah. She asked and I agreed. This is not volunteer, right.

' I also didn't point a gun at you, right? ' She pointed her pencil at me.

Hahaha, very funny I thought. But she kept a straight face.

Then she started asking the survey questions.....

'Why don't you give me the form and I fill up for you,'' I said.

'Cannot, this is special form. You have to shade the answers in pencil,' she said.

And so it went on... quite a detailed survey... finally...

'Thank you, Sir.'

'Finished already? You said got sensitive questions?'

'Asked already.'


There were no questions on sex or illnesses. I don't know which were the sensitive questions.

Announcement: This blogger is taking time-off from blogging. There will be no new entry in this blog for about 2 weeks.

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1 comment:

Victor said...

Haha. The sensitive questions were probably the first 2 that she asked you since they mentioned about volunteerism and firearm.