December 01, 2008

This blog

Cantonese opera is a subject of special interest. People who stumble upon this blog will probably skip it or just skim through.

My guess is that more than 50% of my visitors are not Chinese opera fans and only about 30% are Cantonese opera fans. Some may not be fans but it doesn't mean they are completely not interested in Chinese opera.

My videos at YouTube
According to YouTube, most viewers are from HK, Singapore & Canada.

Below are some other statistics from YouTube. But I think these are not very accurate. Because anyone can watch the videos without joining up or signing in as a member. So YouTube won't know your age or if you are M or F.


I have posted this song before but someone has just supplied me the lyric. So I posted it again with the lyric for you to sing along.


又記得壩陵邂逅,初抱小蠻腰。妹你一笑牽情,把孤魂魄召。說不盡 郎憐妾愛,攜手渡藍橋。

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