March 01, 2010

afternoon rituals

Taiwan's Yi Xin Opera has just completed its 17-day performance at Sheng Hong Temple. Every afternoon they had to perform a set of opera rituals which lasted about 45 minutes. These are some auspicious parts meant to bless the Nation, the Temple, the people and the show sponsors.

I sat through one of them. It was a day of sweltering heat and humidity. It saps your energy and makes you sweat like a fountain. I was sitting under a fan doing nothing, yet I was sweating. I think the performers' underclothing must be drenched with sweat.

This white attire is their underclothing.

The auspicious parts .......
(Notice the two rows of Chinese words above the stage, one reads from left to right, the other from right to left.

Then they go to pray at the temple hall .......

The praying ceremony over, they return to the stage .......

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