October 15, 2010

some feedback

For the past few years Chor Wan Yook has been partnering Long Koon Tin to put up two full-length opera shows every year. Hope she will continue with it whether with Long or other shengs.

There are very few full-length operas by local groups or troupes. At the moment I could only think of the following: Kong Chow Wui Koon, Chinese Theatre Circle, Echo Opera Troupe, Tanjong Pagar CC Opera Group. Usually they perform one show a year.

I watched Long-Chor shows last week. Besides the few leading artistes, I think most of the other performers are students in Chor Wan Yook's opera classes. I would say they put in commendable effort.

I talked to a few fans during interval and below are some feedback. Some of them might have given the feedback in the feedback form.

1. The stage lighting not bright enough.

2. The light at the orchestra pit too bright. (The rows of seats in this theatre - Lee Foundation Theatre - slope downwards and everyone can see the orchestra members below the stage. Each member has a stand with the music script on it. When the show is on, each stand has a bright light which shines onto the scripts which reflects the light.)

3. It took too long to change scenes. This was only for the first show. Probably they were short of stage helpers and the lead artistes needed time to change costumes.

4. Shi Jiu (Liang Shan Bo's pageboy) doesn't look like a pageboy. He is big-sized and his tummy sticks out.


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Unknown said...

regarding the recent Long-Chor shows, my comments:
a. the MC should remind audience to keep quiet. Especially when the lead actor/actress is singing the solo pieces.

b. I felt very uneasy when the audience laughed at the wrong place. When LSP was desvasted by the bad news, the audience laughed at his "body turning" expression.
Gosh. So embarrassing.
b. For Liang Shan Po show, I think they should remember it is a sad show. Hence the page boy for LSP should not joke nor have happy expressions after the part where LSP cannot marry his love anymore.