December 17, 2011

opera shop

I rarely look at the classified advertisements in the papers. Some days ago this one caught my attention. So I took a closer look.

It was an ad for Unisong, a shop selling Chinese opera goods.

I mentioned this shop in the post Where to buy Cantonese opera CDs. The shop was in Chinatown Point then. So now it is in Fook Hai Building..

Kids performing opera

聲輝粵劇推廣協會- 陳昶廷、李若萱 - 粵劇折子戲 - 《鳳閣恩仇未了情》


Anonymous said...

Sorry.. but where is fu hai buidling located?

fr said...

The address is given on the second picture - 150 South Bridge Road #01-11

fr said...

junction of South Bridge Road/Upper Hokkien Street

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Francis!