October 22, 2012

The Negotiator

A few days ago I passed by the stall at the five foot way where I bought the Enid Blyton book. I took a look and saw this book. I have read most of Frederick Forsyth's books but not this one. So I bought it – only $2.

Now I am about a quarter way through the story. It is beginning to get exciting. Briefly it is something like this .....

A small group of wealthy and influential Americans were not happy with what their president was doing, especially about signing some disarmament treaty with the Russians. They also thought that in a not too distant future, the supply of oil would dwindle and America would be at the mercy of the few middle east countries that still had oil.

So they hatched a sinister plot to force the US president to step down. They also planned to assassinate the whole government of Saudi Arabia and replace it with a sect that would be beholden to the US. Their first step was to kidnap the president's son.

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