March 25, 2013

粵韻傳情 行善积德

It was a two-night cantonese opera performance to raise fund for the Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic. The performers were from the Guangdong Cantonese Opera First Troupe with over 60 members (including musicians, make-up and dressing artistes and other backstage helpers).
There were also guest artistes Ngai Wai Ying, Lai Chun Sing and Soh Choon Mui.

I watched only the show on the first night. I have not seen Soh Choon Mui for a long time. She performed an excerpt with Lum Kar Boh. I had no chance to take photos, so I just show you some pages from the souvenir magazine.

The programmes

The leader of the orchestra

The performers

Two of the excerpts

The compere (right) is a programme presenter at a China television station. The other artiste is Jeong Mun Tuin.

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