July 16, 2013


There are foods that I like but seldom eat. Laksa is one them. Another is roast duck.

I like seafood and eat fish often.

I think I mentioned this fish soup and duck stall before. It is at Geylang East Hawkers' Centre. 

I have not eaten there for quite some time. Last week I intended to eat there. It was past the afternoon lunch hours and I did not see many people waiting, but the stall assistant  said I had to wait for about 45 minutes. She said there were people who had booked or ordered in advance. I asked her if  I could order a day in advance. She said yes.

Even if you have ordered in advance, I think you still have to wait because the cook cannot just prepare the bowls of fish soup in advance and leave them there for too long.

I didn't want to wait for 45 minutes, so I ate something else.

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