March 22, 2006

Macpherson Constituency

I live in this constituency. Before the last or second last election Macpherson was in Marine Parade GRC (Group Representative Constituency). Then someone in the opposition said that he wanted to contest in Macpherson as he felt he had a good chance. So you see, Macpherson was taken out to be a single-seated constituency.

It is the second smallest constituency in terms of population.

This time round it was reported that two opposition parties are interested in Macpherson but they have yet come to any agreement or compromise. If both of them come in and one or two independents also join in, there would be 4 or 5 candidates. That would be some excitement. Unlikely to happen though; most likely two candidates only.

Near my block is a hawkers’ center and a wet market. These are the places where politicians usually go around shaking hands. So far none has come. Anyway they only appear during the election period. Then there will be a lot of zap, zap, zap….

Macpherson once had a minister MP many years back He was one Mr Chua. I think he was Minister of the then Ministry of Interior.

Now my MP is Mr Yao Chih.. I met and talked to him twice but not during meet-the-people sessions. I find him an amiable man who listens to you.

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Victor said...

Frannxis, very politically correct post hor. Nothing to find fault with your article. No canvassing and only good things to say. Well done.

That Mr Chua, minister MP and also Minister of Interior must be Mr Chua Sian Chin lah. Good, no prizes for guessing who you'll vote for.

The opposition parties will always come to a pact to field only one candidate so that the votes for the opposition will not be split, otherwise they may not just lose the election but also their deposits.